Four-time Olympic champion from Belarus urged to stop the violence in the country

Four-time Olympic champion and Hero of Belarus Darya Domracheva has addressed to citizens in connection with protests after the presidential elections in the country. The corresponding statement published on August 12 on her Instagram page. “Love the peaceful native Belarus! And exactly the same! I ask all on whom it depends, anyone who gives orders, […]

In Russia, Deputy Prime Minister ill COVID-19

The Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev on the eve of the working visit with Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin to the far East tests for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 showed a positive result. On 12 August, “Kommersant” reported the press Secretary of Deputy Prime Minister. In connection with the positive result of the first test, in […]

Putin Macron discussed the situation in the Donbass

On 12 August the presidents of Russia Vladimir Putin and France Emmanuel macron discussed the settlement of the situation in the Donbass, reported the press service of the Kremlin. In a telephone conversation the two presidents discussed “various aspects of the settlement” of the conflict in the Donbass. The presidents welcomed signed on 22 July […]

Disney announced the name change of the Studio 20th Century Fox

Disney announced that it would rename one of their TV studios – 20th Century Fox Television. On 11 August, reports CNN. From the old names will be removed the words “Century” and “Fox”, leaving only 20th Television. The logo of the television station, which is over the floodlights placed its name will remain the same, […]

In Sledkom Belarus has decided to withdraw a car from the protesters

The Investigative Committee of Belarus stated that they will seize the cars of demonstrators that are used to block transport. On 11 August, said the Agency “BelTA” , citing a Ministry statement. “In accordance with the criminal procedure law, the cars used to block transportation, are the instruments of crime and serve as a means […]

Kolesnikov: We ask that the Belarusian authorities not to ignore the will of the people, not to drown it in water from the water cannon, not stun grenades

The representative of the joint staff of the Belarusian oppositionist Maria Kolesnikova has called on the authorities to stop the violence. Video treatment Kolesnikova published edition TUT.BY. She expressed condolences to all those affected by the violence and called for focusing on mutual aid now. She also urged all concerned to join the volunteer movement […]

In Minsk began the crackdown on protesters. The riot police flew Molotov cocktails. Video

In Minsk during the dispersal of protesters at members of the detachment of special police (OMON) flew Molotov cocktails. Video posted on the night of August 11 in Telegram channel TUT.BY. Information about the dispersal of protesters also confirms the channel Euroradio. “Brutally dispersed the protesters on the street Pritytskogo near the metro station “Sportivnaya”. […]

The interior Ministry reported the first official victim of the protests in Minsk

In Minsk protest on August 10 a man was killed. About it in the Telegram reported the press Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs Olga Chemodanova. “Around 23.00 in the riots in Minsk on the street Pritytskogo, a crowd built barricades to block traffic. During the confrontation with riot police, who arrived to release […]

During a sweep in Mogilev detained a tour

The Chairman of the company Belarusian language Oleg Diachkov August 10, was detained in Mogilev during a sweep of the city centre, he conducted a tour of the Lenin pedestrian street for 30 people. About it reports “radio Svaboda”. According to eyewitnesses, security forces surrounded the tour and without explanation, took all the men from […]

Pompeo: the United States condemns the violence against demonstrators in Belarus

The United States strongly condemn violence against demonstrators by the security forces in Minsk, and urge the authorities to refrain from use of force. About it wrote to US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on August 10 in Twitter. “The presidential elections in Belarus on 9 August a matter of deep concern. They were neither […]

Elections in Belarus. Tikhanovski said that he would not participate in protests

The oppositional candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski said on 9 August at the press conference after the vote that he would not participate in protests, which take place in the country. About it reports “radio Svaboda”. According to Tikhanovski, it intended in its headquarters “to wait for the official announcement of the election […]