News: Kristen Stewart will play Princess Diana in the new film (and in the network this is clearly not a fan!)

At the end of last year, Kristen Stewart called the main actress of the decade. Then netizens long debated the choice of the members of the Association of the Hollywood critics, noting that the film industry is candidacy much stronger. And there’s the star again came under a barrage of criticism — was the news that she will play Princess Diana in the new film “Spencer” about the life of the “Queen of hearts”.

The plot revolves around three days, during which Princess Diana clearly understands that her marriage with Prince Charles destroyed. According to the Director, Pablo Larrain, Kristen, which combines strength, fragility and mystery, will be able to play this role perfectly.

Network users with the same opinion of the Director disagreed, noting that Kristen in all the movies playing “with one and the same expression,” and that she’s nothing like Diana.

And you as the choice?



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