New jigsaw puzzles LEGO offers you to assemble a portrait of Darth Vader

Recently, the LEGO company announced the launch of a new line of designers that aren’t intended for shelves, and wall. Sets called Lego Art is posters in the style of the 2D pop art, with that look of Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles, Iron Man, Darth Vader and other famous personalities.

Development stated as “for adults who are proud of their love of pop culture.” The kit includes more than 3000 pieces the size of a bead and the panel-base to create a portrait. Each set can gather more than one way, for example, Marilyn Monroe portrait, Andy Warhol’s four options to build the design. In the series The Beatles – all portraits of the fab four, and you can choose one, and then buy four of the same set to gather the whole group.

A series of “Star wars” recreates three of the main villains of the franchise: Darth Vader, Darth Maul or a pick Ren. An alternative build is to buy three such set to create the “ultimate” portrait of Darth Vader with a lightsaber, in an amount equal to three classic. Finally, the set of Iron Man is one of the suits Tony stark choice: Mark III Hulkbuster Mark I and Mark LXXXV. By analogy with the “Star wars”, you can collect all three to create a large-scale image.

Lego sets, Art will go on sale worldwide on 1 August at a price of $ 120 each.

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