New Israeli battle tank “Carmel” came straight from the world of computer games

Israeli military equipment have always been high efficiency and, equally important, was easy to operate. So, at the time Israeli pilots added in the cockpit of the F-4 Phantom rear view mirror, and included assault rifles, the Galil was provided fixture… bottle opener.

When developing a new armored fighting vehicle “Carmel” Israeli engineers stayed true to himself, by making the system management intuitive and easy to learn.

It will be a combat vehicle of the XXI century with the interface “man-machine”. She has no Windows or ports – they will replace the outdoor cameras to allow the crew on the battlefield-round visibility. Important functions – the choice of weapons, type of ammunition, bearing and speed are displayed on large LCD screens and will allow the crew to quickly assess the situation, without distracting attention from the picture of the battle.

Given the fact that most designed conscripts have the skills of gamers in Carmel in as controls instead of the usual steering wheel and pedals installed a simple and effective controller from the XBox.

Another innovation borrowed from video games – artificial intelligence, which will tell the algorithm convergence with the enemy the choice of weapons and time for shots. Soldiers of the Israeli army, which tested the computer system “Carmel”, has appreciated its possibilities and ease of development.

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