New Formula 1: the ceiling on expenditure, motors and competition

“The formula-1 today, got the victory” – as the boss of the McLaren team Zac brown praised the new regulations, which officially introduces the series in 2021. The two main points are the limit on expenses and a new concept of development of the car. Start with the ceiling on expenditure.

Limit or ceiling on costs. In European sports, this principle does not, however, in North America, is actively used in one form or another. The NHL has a hard salary cap in the NBA he’s not so tough, but there is also. And once Formula 1 has acquired the us company Liberty Media, the issue of introduction of such restrictions has become a foregone conclusion. F-1 is not like that since 2012 the race has won only pilots Mercedes, Ferrari and Red bull, so the user wants to change the situation. The crisis of the pandemic showed that this is not just a desire but a necessity.

Eventually in 2021 a team of f-1 will be able to spend a maximum of $ 145 million for the season. In 2022, the figure will decrease to 140 million and in 2023 – up to 135 million. It is known that Mercedes and Ferrari in a year spend roughly 350-400 million, but the limit on expenses will not include salaries of pilots, executives and money spent on development of the motor. So for the top teams the situation is not as critical as it might seem, but everyone will have to cut jobs. For example, McLaren has already announced the dismissal of 70 employees of the racing division.

The ceiling on spending will not lead to the fact that Ferrari and Mercedes will be on the outside (no one needs), but over time (2-3 years) in the proper development of those McLaren or Aston Martin, which comes in f-1 in 2021, will be able to at least fight for podiums and not to lag as much as now. In this case, the top teams are not losers. Pretending to compromise, Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull will not have to compete with budgets, each year increasing costs. In terms of coronaries large team are only too happy to cut costs, and their years of experience and the best engineers will help you to stay among the leaders.

However, the average people believe that the new regulations will make them more competitive than the top teams. This opinion Andrew green, technical Director of the team racing point (Aston Martin from 2021).

“Now these top teams are becoming dinosaurs. The team should be small and effective – and this is our strength. Now they will not be able to spend so much money, they have to descend to our level of spending. And we have been at this level, we are comfortable. We used to work with this budget,” said green.

Resolved the issue with the engines. Many producers complained about the mad race of the minders, when Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda have spent millions of dollars chasing for literally 0.1 seconds from the circle. And if the producers were regularly able to update their engines almost every 2-3 Grand Prix, with 2021 of the elements of the motor are frozen, i.e. their development to be done. Next season teams will receive a new engine before the start of the championship, and then within a year will be able to submit a completely new specification only 1 time.

“Now, we’ve been able to stop the mad race in the development of the engine. Just incredible, what funding is left, but now it’s over” – happy Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul.

Partially frozen the development of transmissions and chassis. This will not only reduce costs but also to increase competition.

There were interesting innovations in the aerodynamic Department. The main innovation: the lower at the end of the season the team is in the Cup of designers, the more time for work in the wind tunnel it gets. Usually it all depends on your financial capabilities, and it is logical that the top team worked on the aerodynamics and more efficient than the average outsider, that only increased the gap.

Now the same condition Williams will have more time (f-1 provided calculations, but this is specialized information) for the development items than the Mercedes or Ferrari. With all the restrictions in the complex, the Formula 1 should become more competitive and interesting. Just throw money, as did a Mercedes or a Ferrari, now does not work, and need to work primarily effectively. There is a feeling that hurts the most the new rules will hurt Ferrari. The Scuderia without limitation barely in second place in the constructors ‘ championship was held, and what will happen next?

Characteristically, soon after the official announcement about the new rules about his desire to stay in Formula 1, said auto giants Mercedes and Renault. There were rumors that during the crisis they could leave the f-1, but now that I don’t have to throw away so much money, both group reaffirmed their readiness to continue their participation.

It seems that f-1 is on the path of recovery, and if coronaries will not destroy the series, that the race from 2021 can be more interesting and competitive.

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