New car radar can easily see the obstacle right around the corner

At Princeton University (USA) team under the leadership of Professor Felix Heide has developed a prototype radar devices that can track the objects located around the corner from the observer, outside of direct visibility. This technology is intended for ground transportation, it gives an opportunity to detect an obstacle on the road to an intersection.

The technology is based on the Doppler effect and the ability of radio waves to be reflected from different objects, changing the vector of its movement. Small radioizluchenie the machine sends pulses forward, but at such an angle that they bounce off different objects and got the corner of the building. There, in the presence of interference, they again reflected, and the signal return to the car. It remains to analyze its characteristics, to understand at what distance the object is around the corner, how fast moving etc.

As potential interference, and surfaces for the deflection can be set, to increase the processing speed uses a special AI. Compared to similar systems based on laser radar devices have much smaller energy consumption. In the current version of the system is adapted to detect people and cyclists, but its not hard to configure, for example, to identify machines to be integrated in the autopilot system, put the mining truck etc.

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