New biochemie will allow you to print living tissue right inside the human body

A team of American scientists from the California Institute Taraski, the Ohio state University and Pennsylvania state University have developed a new type biochannel for 3D printing of living tissues. Based on already tested the composition of living cells on a frame and catalysts for the growth, but now for curing of the ink is not required harmful ultraviolet radiation. The process occurs when the temperature of the human body and natural light.

The main advantage of new ink that can be applied directly inside the patient’s body. For example, to sew up the wound or reconstruct the fragments of vessels. 3D printer thus works as an analogue of the sewing machine, but instead of finished yarn prints it on the go. The needle makes a puncture in a soft tissue, put it into the hole drop of ink, seals the outside and adds another drop of ink, creating a sort of second node for the thread. That is printed in layers, from node to node, creating the final three dimensional design.

The authors argue that it is safe for humans, but for the operation of sufficient symbolic incision on the body. The print head controls the robot, so the precision placement of ink and not to worry. Cell viability is maintained at 71-77%, the frame retains the mechanical strength of not less than 21 days. Loose by integrating into the soft tissue 3-4 times higher than when the ink just on top of them.

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