Nevzorov about the protests in Khabarovsk: the Kremlin is able to skillfully impose in other people’s pants

The Kremlin’s actions cause problems in other branches of the Russian government. This opinion on 15 July, the radio station “Echo of Moscow” expressed the Russian publicist Alexander Nevzorov.

“The Kremlin is able to skillfully apply in someone else’s pants. This phenomenal, terrific skill. He does it every time better and better. And each new marginal situation allows him to Excel at that. He is perfectly turned out in the history of Khabarovsk and [the detainees in the criminal case by the Governor of the region Sergei] Forgalom. And now fashioned look, and since the Russian Themis and all her lovers, associates and companions,” said he.

According to the journalist, the theme Furgala “is a concentrate of the hopes, disappointments, pain and all the passions”.

“His dose in his pants got almost everything. But, however, all treat this differently. The most naive, finding it in their pants, sniffing, wondering estericult and say, “Oh, so this is Kremlin! How I acquired it here, in fact, come from?” Mother said, “Yes, this is the Kremlin”. They have repeatedly got into this situation. This is the wonders of internal politics, so it is best to keep quiet, to sniff and roll his eyes with pleasure, and that, in General, people can be guilty that they wrought and stink,” – said Nevzorov.

He believes that “all behave wisely”.

“Here is all sorts of stupid jerks in the stands, shaking, trying to force it through the leg. And experienced say: “Wear it with pride, warm yourself, it is warm”. [The speaker of the Kremlin, Dmitry] Peskov, at the head of it all. He openly enjoys this picture. I suspect that he, of course, all facial expressions are clearly numbered. Each individual case has its own room, as befits a man of such rank. And here with the expression, if I am not mistaken, No. 94 he now expressed keen concern that the Khabarovsk conflict can have detrimental sanitary impact. However, he grins as he grinned the local judges in new York who subscribed to the gangsters for the night gunfight with the corpses of a fine for a noise violation. That is a special expression,” explained the publicist.

Nevzorov claims that “the initiators of the Khabarovsk choice swore that Furgala no authority, no support, no fame”.

“That is such Palace intrigue of the third grade. We now know that in Khabarovsk, which is so clever, so powerful, so peaceful and so beautiful for the power rose, so scared, flew, was thrown [Deputy Prime Minister Yury] Trutnev. And his pants also, of course, was not free from the Kremlin’s aid,” – said the publicist.

Furgala, who runs the Khabarovsk territory in 2018, was detained on 9 July. Russia’s investigative Committee considers it to be the organizer of at least one attempted murder and two murders of entrepreneurs in 2004-2005 in the territory of the Khabarovsk territory and Amur region. He officially filed charges. Furgal he rejects them. July 10, Moscow’s Basmanny court arrested the Governor for two months.

July 11, residents of Khabarovsk gathered for a rally to demand the release of Furgala. According to various estimates, it was attended by 30 to 60 thousand people. People chanted “Freedom!” “Moscow, go away!”, “The far East is ours”, “Putin – resign”, “Putin – the thief” “We are here”.

In the following days the meetings continued. The government of the province reminded the demonstrators that any mass actions during a pandemic are illegal.

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