Netanyahu said that Israel started to build settlements of Ramat trump in the Golan

Israel began the project on creation of settlements in the Golan heights, which will be named in honor of U.S. President Donald trump. About it today at the opening session of the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, writes a press-service of the government.

The settlement named Ramat trump, said Netanyahu.

In 1967, the result of the six day war with Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Algeria, Israel defeated the superior forces of the enemy and expanded their territory. Was captured Sinai Peninsula, Gaza, the West Bank of the Jordan river, East Jerusalem and the Golan heights, in addition to their Eastern part. Syria considers the Golan heights as its territory.

The UN has not recognized the Israeli occupation of the Golan heights. Each year, the General Assembly has adopted a resolution condemning it. In 2018 the United States first voted against the UN General Assembly resolution (formerly the American delegation abstained).

In March 2019 trump urged the world to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan heights. On March 25 he signed the proclamation on the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the annexed part of the Golan heights. The League of Arab States, Syria, Turkey, Iran and the Russian Federation condemned the initiative of the President of the United States.

April 23, Netanyahu announced his intention to call the new settlement on the Golan heights in honor of trump. In June he discovered a stele with the inscription “High trump”, which will establish this settlement.

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