NBA back: what players, coaches and managers about the restart of the season

The NBA season 2019/20 was suspended in mid-March. It all began due to the discovery of the coronavirus at the center of Utah’s Rudy Gobert. Shortly after this ill teammate Frenchman – Donovan Mitchell. Each of them had contact with dozens of other players on the court and beyond. Two cases of the disease was enough to realize the NBA season in jeopardy.

After months of deliberation, consultations and discussions at all possible levels the leadership of the League made the decision on the resumption of the season. 2019/20 campaign will officially resume on July 31 with the participation of 22 teams. All matches will be held in Orlando, Florida. The NBA Commissioner Adam silver did all he could for the restart of the season. However, his decision did not make everyone happy.

The restart of the season and so was a sensitive issue against the background of high incidence of coronavirus in the United States. The situation worsened after the activation of the movement Black Lives Matter, which covered essentially all 50 States. Basketball players have begun to abandon the trip to Orlando.

Some didn’t want to play, fearing for their families, others felt that sports would distract public attention from social problems. Forward “Los Angeles Lakers” LeBron James urged the players to continue the season. Playing the “Brooklyn nets”” Kyrie Irving encouraged the players to abandon the restart of the season.

Players were divided into 2 camps, but most were on the side of LeBron. The players have the right to refuse to participate in the remainder of the season, but in this case they will not receive part of the salary. The main thing is that the NBA did come back. The decision of the League management bold, but, of course, it is impossible to predict. Rate the further the position of the players, coaches and managers, who spoke on the resumption of the season.


Demar derozan, “San Antonio spurs”: “It’s hard. You take children from their families, with whom they spent every day in the last few months, lock them in the campus and are deprived of other nice things not related to basketball. It will be difficult for each player in terms of psychological state.”

Demar derozan; CBS

Fred Vanvleet, “Toronto raptors”: “It sucks. A terrible time. We all understand that it would be right not to play, to stop. From a moral point of view, this really makes sense. But we are young black guys who don’t want to lose their money. Although, if there was a majority of players called for the abolition of the season, I would have agreed to it.”

Nikola Vucevic, “Orlando magic”: “I spent every moment with his wife and child. That’s what I liked in this whole situation. But that is what it is. We all have to make these sacrifices to continue to do our work and finish the season.”

Kemba Walker, “Boston Celtics”: “everyone has a different situation. It is obvious that many guys have wives, children. As for me, I’m a single man without children. I’ll be fine. All the time I spent at home, so I have no problem to spend some more time in one place.”

Luke Doncic “Dallas Mavericks”: “I have never wavered. I always wanted to play. I spent a lot of time without basketball. Now I just want to play. In me you can not doubt”.


Doc rivers “Los Angeles clippers”: There are many reasons for that all played. But there are also good reasons in which guys can refuse to play. However, I don’t think many of them will refuse. I suppose they’ve invested so much in what we are trying to do.”

Frank Vogel “Los Angeles Lakers”: “Life in a pandemic means no handshakes and a minimum of any physical contact. But the “bubble” (campus – approx.) was created so that all inside it was healthy. I think we will follow the recommendations of the League and live up to her expectations.”

Frank Vogel; USA Today

Brad Stevens, “Boston Celtics”: “We go through testing every day. So far so good. It is very important that we all cared about themselves and did everything in order to get into the “bubble” healthy. Next 2 weeks are going to be stressful, but once you start training and really will play everything will change.”

Mike D Antoni “Houston rockets”: “This will be a great experience. Everything will be different, but hopefully this will never happen again. This whole situation puts before us new tasks. But if you remain competitive in the new environment, then why not accept this challenge?”.


Rob Pelinka, President of the “Los Angeles Lakers” basketball operations: “I had evening over dinner, when my 10 year old daughter for no reason, no reason at all, there were tears in his eyes. When I asked her what happened, she replied that due to my departure. I won’t be home for 3.5 months. But it’s part of this whole situation.”

David Griffin, President of the “new Orleans Pelicans” basketball operations: “From the point of view of basketball, you will see that COVID-19 has a huge impact on the team. Even those that guaranteed to itself participation in play-offs. But now we confront the same enemy.”

Mark Cuban, owner of “the Dallas Mavericks”: “it is Obvious that there is a risk. But science and medicine does not stand still. The number of TB cases in Florida indicates that you must abide by the rules of quarantine. We wear masks and observe all precautions. I think being in a “bubble” players will be safe.”

Sean marks, General Manager of the “Brooklyn Nets”: “we Have work to do. We need to bring the team to Orlando. We will bring a team to Orlando. We’ll go there and fight”.

The above comments indicate that the League is ready to restart the season. There are many reasonable concerns, but teams are going to fight for a place in the playoffs, and then for the title. As for the players, LeBron won a private competition in Irving. Will it be beneficial for the NBA, time will tell.

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