NASA submitted the agreement on the exploration of the moon

The American space Agency NASA has presented the “Pact of Artemis” is an agreement among space-faring Nations about the rules of exploration of the moon. About it it is reported on the official website of NASA.

Under the program, NASA plans to land on the moon first woman and another man until 2024.

The Agency noted that it is essential to develop a common set of principles governing civil research and use of outer space.

One of the main principles, submitted to NASA, noted for peaceful purposes of exploration satellite. The Agency noted that cooperation in the framework of the “Covenant of Artemis” is intended not only to support space exploration, but also to strengthen peaceful relations between the two countries.

“Therefore, based on the “Covenant of Artemis” is the requirement that all activities will be conducted for peaceful purposes”, – is spoken in the message.

Another key NASA calls the principle of transparency in policies and plans for space exploration. Also the “Pact of Artemis” provides that the Agency and the countries that signed the document are obliged to help in the rescue of astronauts and the return of running into space objects if necessary.

In addition, the document provides for compulsory registration of the signatory countries all running into space objects. Another point “of the Covenant of Artemis” is the protection of objects of historical value in space.

The document also regulates the extraction of resources on the moon and removal of orbital debris.

The Agency did not specify which countries intend to conclude the agreement, but in early may, the sources of the Agency Reuters reported that the signatories can become Canada, Japan, European Union countries and the United Arab Emirates.

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