NASA said, when will the mission Crew Dragon

National aerospace Agency of the USA (NASA) plans to return the ship Crew Dragon for August, but the exact date is now impossible to determine. This was stated by the assistant Director of the Agency Ken Bowersox, says the website Spaceflight Now.

The ship has limitations on the power of the wind when landing, so you need to wait for more accurate weather forecasts, he said. Dragon Crew after undocking from the ISS must travel to Earth and land in the area of the East coast of Florida.

Sources in the space industry told the website that the mission could be completed in July.

It is planned that the crew of the Crew Dragon will replace the battery of the solar power plant of the ISS. Astronaut Bob Behnken at the end of June – early July will make two spacewalks, and his colleague, Doug Hurley will operate the robotic arm from the station.

May 30, the Falcon 9 rocket launched into orbit the spacecraft Crew Dragon with two astronauts.

May 31 Crew Dragon successfully docked to the International space station in automatic mode.

This is the first ever created by a private company the device, which arrived at the ISS. This launch, the U.S. resumed the program of manned flights, which were suspended in 2011, with the end of the space Shuttle program. From the time American astronauts flew into space on Russian rockets Soyuz and the docking station U.S. segment of the space station was not used.

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