NASA is looking for volunteers willing to spend 8 months in a locked laboratory

Stay in isolation during a pandemic COVID-19 hard was to most people, but there were those who spent time with benefit and pleasure. For those who want to consolidate this experience and in addition capitalize on it, and enjoy the best of scientific thought, NASA offers a number of unusual jobs. Job seekers are invited to go to Russia to spend eight months locked up in the simulator of a lunar base.

Location of the experiment – the Institute of biomedical problems of RAS. In 2011 here were carried out similar experiments in the framework of the project Mars500, when simulated flights to Mars, and a group of astronauts spent in isolation 105 and 520 days. In 2019-th was held the simulation of an expedition to the moon, a joint project of Roskosmos and NASA, which lasted four months. Now it wants to repeat, but increase the time people stay locked up twice.

The difference of this mission from the previous – in the work load on subjects, they will not just sit within the four walls, and a lot of hard work. The experiment simulated the real process of setting up a lunar base, in which is executed a number of tasks identical to real tasks of future colonists. Scientists do not doubt that a trained person will stand this test, but at what efficiency? Especially with advanced, unusual equipment?

Requirements for volunteers is serious. Knowledge of English and Russian languages, the presence of the officer rank or a doctoral degree in any of the Sciences, experience in profession, age from 30 to 55 years old, in good health, including psychological. But the remuneration is not known, except that the conditions for NASA employees and third parties will be different.

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