NASA invites children to take online learning to real astronauts

NASA and national laboratory of the ISS has developed a number of bold free programs and activities for children from kindergarten to 12 years old, stuck at home in quarantine. As explained by the training Manager of the National laboratory of the ISS Dan Barstow, “the astronauts see the world from outer space and want to share its beauty with the younger generation.”

The programme includes a wide spectrum from the natural Sciences about life and health to robotics, mathematics and physics. The children can try to become astronauts at home, build a hovercraft, launch a homemade rocket and much more. For example, they will have the opportunity to participate in these experiments along with the astronauts on the ISS, and then to compare the results of the two teams.

Children will be able to contribute to the development of science and to join citizen science projects: for example, to help search for new planets and brown dwarfs, using satellite data to help biologists to track populations of penguins or to train the computer for future Mars missions. April 22, young students can even help you choose which of the legumes is the next astronauts to land on the ISS mission planned for October of this year.

A useful addition is Leguminaut Challenge program for adults dedicated to the development of the skills of tutoring. It is relevant for parents who have recently faced the need to play the role of a home teacher.

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