NASA has set a date for launch research mission to Mars

The us space Agency NASA announced that, on 30 July at 7.50 (14.50 Kyiv time) plans to launch to Mars of the spacecraft with the Rover Perseverance. About it it is reported on the website NASA.

Booster Atlas V with the attached module, where the Rover is already on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral in the United States.

The purpose of the mission – the search for ancient life, sampling rocks and soils that need to be brought back to Earth.

It is planned that the mission duration is one Mars year, or 687 earth days.

Launch date can change, but it is assumed that the ship will go to Mars no later than August 15.

Since 2004, Mars has completed the mission the Rovers Оpportunity and Spirit. The Rovers were designed for 90 earth days, but lasts much longer. Spirit got stuck in sand in 2009, and after unsuccessful attempts to free its Mars Rover acknowledged lost. Opportunity continued to explore the planet.

In August of 2018 became aware of the disappearance of Opportunity. In NASA believe that the reason could be dust storm, where solar panels are unable to recharge and went to sleep. Scientists feared that the Rover has enough power to continue.

In September orbital station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has found the Rover on the slope of the endeavour crater. To communicate with the Rover failed.

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