Mysterious radio signal was traced to dead star in our galaxy

Astrophysicists have received a confirmation of the theory that the source of the fast radio bursts can be Magnetar. This information gave them the incident with the object SGR 1935 + 2154, which is 28 April, gave up a double signal. The scientists took time on data processing, but now they are sure that the signal is coming from this neutron star.

Magnetar is known as a powerful x-ray sources and emission in the radio for them, not impossible, if you believe some theories. However, last spring, the ESA Integral satellite detected a flare of x-rays from SGR 1935 + 2154 and parallel with it the CHIME and radio telescopes STARE2 caught a quick burst from the same source. This is the first ever recorded the radio emission from the Magnetar, and even such power.

However, scientists do not hurry to call Magnetar main sources of fast radio bursts. First, the radio signal from SGR 1935 + 2154 was much weaker radio bursts that come from outside our galaxy. Second, in the single case of the phenomenon can not be judged. It is possible that he had a light side effect-band emission from SGR 1935 + 2154.

Even if it is proved the connection between the Magnetar SGR 1935 + 2154 and radiation storms, this does not mean that they can’t be other space objects, not yet known. On the other hand, in the study of this phenomenon is made large and a definite step forward.

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