Myron MARKEVYCH: “Malinovskogo I vitayu. Proslavila our power”

Vdai coach in exclusive interv Yu giving once our Legionnaires.

— Yak you riven Gris our legonew — Yarmolenka, Malinovskogo, Sneka?
— Yarmolenko good sgrav z “Cells”. Wishaw on samnu peremozhne scoring a goal. Sinchenko, if ubrati the gaffe, scho VIN assuming (in match z “Southampton”, Prim –, Neogene gra. Malinowski having seen a series of good Igor. Ale vaiko oceniti. Graut without gledaju, emotsy mayzhe a lot. Atalanta svoï power versile, “Manchester Siti” itself.

— Malinovskogo after a goal against Juventus in Tal pocha porwnywanie s Ronaldo.
I gakuwari God for that! I Yogo vitayu. Proslavila our power. Honor and praise the Yom!

— General for evropeyskimi Championships sldkfja? Hto slivova?
— So, slakey. Real slivova. VIN duzhe suvero graves have Oberon, not vestiva scho yomu. The stench vigrali s a stretch, but mayzhe not passed.

— Vono fact Warta: play in taqiy nasrawi football I become a champion?
— Well, Yak graut without gledaju, the Yak is the difference? Smut – knave USPH

Povnistyu interv Yu Myron Markevych read here.

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