“My son take a bath together”: Alicia Silverstone came under a barrage of criticism on the web

During the quarantine, everyone found something for everyone: someone dismantled closet, someone started to do sports, and someone was finally able to enjoy the rare moments in the family circle. Most of the time, my son was dedicated and Alicia Silverstone. About how they spent their time in isolation, the actress told the journalist of the newspaper The New York Times. So, according to star, she and her 9-year-old son Bear Blu many danced, played and jumped on the trampoline.

“My son often take a bath together, and when I’m alone, I take her alone to calm down and relax,” he mentioned Silverstone, which caused a storm of criticism online. Users noted that in this age, the son of the actress should not take a bath in the presence of his mother. However, fans of Alicia’s reasonable to say that she is able to understand the methods of raising his own son.

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