Murashko: the health insurance Fund fully complied with the obligations in 2019

Obligations of the Federal Fund of compulsory medical insurance in 2019, was executed in full, said the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko at the meeting of the Russian government. He added that the Fund’s revenue increased by 12% compared to 2018.

“Implementation of the budget of the Federal compulsory medical insurance Fund in 2019 to ensure the implementation of the commitments in full. <…> The Federal revenue of the Fund amounted to 2 trillion 124 billion rubles, which is 1.2% higher than the approved amount. Compared with 2018 revenues increased by 12%,” leads TASS words of the ant.

The Minister noted that all expenditure obligations of the budget was made. The costs in 2019, according to him, amounted to 2 trillion 186 billion, they increased from 2018 to 198,2 billion roubles for the implementation of territorial programs OMS was directed subvention of 2 trillion 69 billion rubles, which is 100% of the target.

“The subsidy has provided a set program of state guarantees per capita ratio in the sum of 11 800 rubles, which is 9.1% more than in 2018. At the expense of subventions saved reached of the ratio of wages of health workers, defined by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation”, – said the Minister.

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