MP: “Mustache and Scrap lead the flock of sheep behind him, in the embrace of ruskomu world”

The former people’s Deputy of Ukraine Borislav Bereza commented on the scandalous shooting of boxer Alexander Usyk and Vasyl Lomachenko in the Russian film:

“Once upon a time, in my childhood, I watched a documentary about that for the meat held a special goat that led the sheep to the slaughter. Yes, he went to the shop of slaughter of animals and the sheep trustingly followed him, though frightened of the noise and the smell of blood. And the goat remained intact. He was let go. And he kept following the herd for slaughter. Such a narrow-profile specialist was called “goat-provocateur.”

I was then impressed and horrified. After all, to keep the slaughter almost like myself is an abomination. But given that I was 12 years old, I tried to find an explanation for this situation is that they are animals and they do not understand what to do. But now I’m not 12, but Usyk and Lomachenko – not the goats, and people. Although some people are goats. And behave the same. But this is different.

And Usyk and Lomachenko give voice to what they close. Doing it consciously. I don’t know who to believe, but they call Russians brothers. But brother if I the one who kills me? Brother me one who takes my land? Brother Lee I the one who offends me and brings the war with the devastation of my house? Definitely not. But Usyk and Lomachenko, they are brothers. So independent Ukraine is for them less important than the likes of the Russians and the words of the Moscow priests. That’s the choice they have made.

I acknowledge that Lomachenko and Usyk are great athletes, but useless citizens. It happens. They will bring with them some of their sympathizers into the arms of the “ruskomu the world.” After all, they it is comfortable. But for me they are no better than “goats provocateurs” who lead a sheep to the slaughter. These, too, are a sheep. But bipedal. But one does not need to be a sheep and blindly follow leading to the slaughter.

So make conclusions from this situation and just don’t idealize people. Even if they have the title or are they any good President in the series. Or if they speak beautifully and distribute the red balls. “Goats provocateurs” there are among men. For them, just don’t go.”

Previously Alexander Usik suspected that he was recruited by the Russian special services.

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