Moscow is preparing to deploy temporary hospitals

If necessary in may in the capital can be deployed 10 thousand beds in makeshift hospitals to treat patients with coronavirus infection, wrote the mayor on his page on the social network “In contact”. He noted that the list of objects will be specified after study.

“Bedspace in Moscow formed with the view of the city hospitals, and Federal and private medical institutions. We also decided that follow-up care patients may be placed in temporary medical hospitals that are built by major clinical institutions. In addition, currently, the decision on preparations for the deployment of temporary hospitals with a capacity of 10 thousand beds. A list of specific sites will be determined after the final processing. Actual usage will depend on the dynamics of the epidemic coronavirus” — wrote Sergei Sobyanin.

On the eve of the “Vedomosti” reported that the city is considering the possibility of placing temporary hospitals on the territory of the exhibition center and trade fair complex “Moscow” in Lublin and centre “Moscow” on Kashirsky highway.

Now patients with COVID-19 accept Federal, municipal and private hospitals. Patients who carry the disease in a mild form, are treated at home. First the patient is examined by the paramedics assess the patient’s condition. After that, ill and his family sign a consent that they will not leave the apartment until it is confirmed by the absence of a coronavirus infection in the body.

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