Montenegro announced the completion of the epidemic in the country COVID-19

Montenegro ended the epidemic coronavirus infection. About this informed on 2 June, the government of the country.

The decision to end the epidemic, which began in Montenegro announced on March 26, proposed to accept the public health Institute.

“For the trust and discipline” during an epidemic of the Institute thanked the citizens and the authorities.

In the government of Montenegro, noted that the country became the first in Europe to patients COVID-19 (Corona Free).

The head office of the world health organization (who) in Montenegro Mina Brajović said Radio Evropa e Lirë, you need to remember “the virus is still around.”

“Data surveillance systems of the who show that a large number of undetected cases of infection still exists. That’s why one of the main who recommendations for the authorities is to continue to actively and vigorously to detect, test, and monitor contacts,” she explained.

Only in Montenegro was confirmed by 324 cases of coronavirus. Nine patients died; the others recovered. The last patient was cured in may.

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