Money bags of the Premier League. Who is richer: Mohammed from Newcastle or Mansour of man city

Whatever rumors and gossip appearing in the English press, but the fact of the transfer of ownership of Newcastle from Mike Ashley to the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman is almost done. Yes, there are movements and forces that are vehemently trying to prevent in the English Premier League man of extremely dubious reputation, but most likely they will suffer a crushing defeat.

It seems that the Premier League does not hurry with the approval of the transaction at the “Newcastle” only in order to wait for the most convenient moment when public outcry on this issue is almost nonexistent. Yes and rush, in fact, a nowhere – to the end of the season in the Premier League are still a lot of rounds, but because the new owners time to prepare their club for the new season will still be enough. Moreover, the rumors about a possible transfer activity Newcastle already dazzling.

In particular, very seriously talking about a possible move to the “St James Park” defender “Manchester city” John Sconza and Barcelona midfielder Philippe Coutinho. It is obvious that the money for these deals Muhammad enough, and the only thing that can somewhat slow down is financial fair play from UEFA. Most British observers believe that the degree of wealth to put Prince Mohammed and Sheikh Mansour in a single row generally not worth it – too different scales. Is it really so? Let’s compare literally.

Personal capital

First of all, let’s be clear that Sheikh Mansour over Prince Mohamed: the first 49 years, the second – 34. Directly with their money this fact, of course, not bound, but it is logical to assume that people who had more experience and managed to earn more. Although in situations where part of the state is simply conveyed by inheritance or gift from parents, to talk about the funds earned, perhaps, not quite appropriate.

Whatever it was, but the personal capital of Sheikh Mansour as of today and according to estimates from competent sources equal to 17 billion pounds. As for Prince Mohammed, the situation is more complex, due to which analysts are inclined to believe that his condition can be evaluated in the range from 1 to 7 billion pounds.

The situation seems to be clearly speaks in favor of Mansour, isn’t it? As it is not so! In fact, according to British analysts say the personal status of the Prince Mohammed is extremely difficult, because it is directly linked with the Royal family of Saudi Arabia, being the son of the ruler of this country. So, actually the Muhammad has access to all of the family wealth, where he managed as a “gray Eminence” already pretty clear the road to the throne, and if so, we are talking about the absolutely fantastic amount, what we will talk about a few below.

The real power

Sheikh Mansour is the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and also heads the International petroleum investment company, which has significant shares in many companies around the world. Rumor has it, the previous President of the United States of America Barack Obama even made the name of Mansour in “speed dial” on your phone, because quite often decide with the help of this man pressing policy issues.

Twitter Manchester City. Sheikh Mansour with Josep Guardiola

Mohammed bin Salman the summer of 2017 is the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and from January 2015 is still the post of Minister of defence in this country. Interestingly, the current king of Saudi Arabia and Muhammad’s father Salman bin Abdul-Aziz al Saud to his coronation also headed the Ministry of defence of the country.

It is obvious that in the future, the political force which will get their hands on Muhammad will greatly exceed the appropriate opportunity Mansur, because the potential owner of “Newcastle” is a figure of immense proportions on the chess Board current submarines.


Prince Mohammed belongs to the al Saud, which has ruled the country since its founding in 1744. All posts in the government and the regions occupied by members of the dynasty, which is also called the Saudis. The country has about 25 thousand Saudis, of which only about 200 have the status of princes.

The total state of the dynasty al Saud is the subject of numerous studies of economists, but generally to achieve some of the confirmed amounts, none of them failed. Many agreed that the Saudis have assets that can be estimated at 1.3 trillion pounds – the fabulous price that will make even the best experts on mathematics from among our readers to try to remember the amount with how many zeros is now the question…

Sheikh Mansour belongs to the al Nahyan dynasty, which dates its history to 1761. This is a very noble family in the Asian world, and therefore its influence is also very, very seriously. For example, the current President of the United Arab Emirates Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan is the half-brother of Sheikh Mansour, although only their father Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan had 19 sons and 14 daughters.

The state of the al Nahyan family, which belongs to Sheikh Mansour, estimated by analysts at $ 500 billion pounds. The basis of the economic power of this dynasty is oil, lots of corporations and companies for the extraction, processing and transportation which is owned by family members al Nahyan.

Personal property

The most expensive property in the possession of the Sheikh Mansour is an estate near the Spanish city of Badajoz. According to unofficial information, which is extracted by foreign journalists, purchase of a land plot with a total area of more than 8 thousand hectares, which is a variety of buildings and structures, at a cost of Mansour in 2016 42 million pounds is a little more expensive than three years before Manchester city paid Shakhtar for a Central midfielder Fernandinho (36 million pounds).

In addition, the family of Sheikh Mansour-owned hotel, Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. It consists of 394 residences, 302 of which are rooms and the remaining suites. Interestingly, the hotel assesses itself as a category “more than 5 stars, as a Palace, not a hotel.” Unofficially, the Emirates Palace is called “7 star hotel”, although technically he ranked as the highest category of 5 star.

Prince Mohammed, as we already reported, owns the most expensive apartment building in the world, which is the castle of Louis XIV, built in 2011 in France. In 2015, the Saudi Prince bought the building for 230 million pounds, nearly 5.5 times more expensive than the most expensive property at Sheikh Mansour.

Transport facilities

Wonder what Sheikh Mansour has a much more extensive and gorgeous collection of cars, than Prince Mohammed. Billionaire from the UAE, in particular, is credited with the possession of the fleet, the flagships of which are the five cars the Bugatti and the Porsche 911 GTI, Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghini Reventon, Mercedes SLR-McLaren.

As for Muhammad, his fleet known not so much. In particular, the press got information that the Saudi Prince has at its disposal, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti.

But with floating modes of transport the situation is different – here, Muhammad is not so far behind Mansur. The first owns a luxury yacht Serene, which he bought in 2015, 380 million pounds. The cost of the yacht Topaz is owned by Mansour, at the time of purchase by its Sheikh was lower at 320 million pounds. In General, however, experts knowledgeable in these matters seriously, note that Topaz is superior to Serene. It is not surprising that the current estimated cost of the yacht Mansura is more than 400 million pounds.

Role in football

Currently, Sheikh Mansour is much superior to Prince Muhammad for his influence on the development of world football. The fact that City Football Group, which is owned by Mansour, owns a number of football clubs around the world. The key and most famous of these is, of course, Manchester city, Manchester however, in addition to “citizens” in this cohort also includes “new York city”, “Melbourne city”, “Montevideo city Toque”, “Mumbai city” and others, the group’s share in the ownership of which does not exceed 50%.

But for Prince Mohamed’s experience with Newcastle promises to be the first serious football. He belongs to a team from the lower divisions of the championship of Saudi Arabia, but it’s too minor involvement of such figures in football, to talk about it though how many-nibud seriously.


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