Modular system AdapTableTop will create a field for any table games

AdapTableTop – a unique system for Board games that uses more platforms to create new floors and dimensions in space game. The development is dedicated to all fans of tabletop role-playing games, which perfectly know how difficult sometimes to allocate all objects in space during the game to fit on one table playing field, hundreds of cards, chips and mugs of tea.

According to the developers, a prerequisite to the emergence of AdapTableTop became a simple Amateur draft, was found on the Internet. He inspired the creation of a system of “ATT” which uses the same concept but in a more generic option.

The project team members (themselves avid fans of Board games), have focused on the functions that is called “for themselves”. To help other players have less problems in the gameplay and a more ergonomic space. ATT-platform is smooth, steady, well-regulated and they are easy to use and carry.

Extension of ATT-added levels you can use almost any Board game. AdapTableTop also includes a number of parts that can be printed on a 3D printer. The system is already available for purchase on Kickstarter at a price of 49 euros. Start shipping worldwide in February 2021.

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