MLS is back: the main intrigue of the season-2020

Season in the MLS was stopped almost immediately after the start. The restart of the championship was scheduled for 8 July. But this time without problems has not managed. Right before the resumption of the season in the two clubs was recorded outbreaks of coronavirus. First, on a two-week quarantine went “Dallas”, then “Nashville”. Despite this, to stop the season again the League did not.

Overseas football is back not a regular championship, as it should be, and the MLS tournament is Back. The clubs were divided into 6 groups. The team that took the first 2 places in their groups will go to the playoffs. Those who will take the 3rd position will be further to fight for an exit in the further part of the championship. All tournament matches will be held MLS is Back in Orlando.

Season 2020 in MLS began with a historical Derby of Florida, “Orlando city” vs “inter Miami”. First, the commands from this state can’t interfere with each other since 2001. Secondly, this match debut of David Beckham – “inter Miami”. The first for 19 years, the Florida Derby was fascinating. But this is not the only reason to watch overseas football. Next, we consider the main intrigue of the new season of MLS.

A new season without the MVP

The League allowed the players to participate in the season 2020. This right have used one of the brightest players of the modern MLS – Carlos Vela. Forward “Los Angeles” refused to go to Orlando, fearing for his child and pregnant wife. Florida is one of the leaders among U.S. States in the number of infection by the coronavirus, but most of the players still went to the restart of the season.

The loss of Vela is significant for “Los Angeles”. Last season he scored 36 goals and gave 11 assists, becoming the top scorer and most valuable player in the League. Mexican helped “Los Angeles” for the first time in history to win the regular season. The team goes into the new season without their captain and best player in the League. I can “Los Angeles” without Vela – the big question.

A historic debut “inter Miami”

David Beckham has long worked on the creation and promotion of “inter Miami” club, co-owner of which he is. Finally, the team made its debut. The beginning of the season was not the most successful for American inter. The team led more than half the match against “Orlando”, but then conceded twice. However, this is just the beginning for rookie MLS.

As soon as it comes to “inter Miami”, next there is always a person Beckham. But an Englishman is not enough to make the club popular. First, desired results, and secondly- star players. Beckham is struggling to win over Miami’s big-name players from Europe.


In the sphere of interests of the American inter includes James Rodriguez, Luka Modric, David Silva, Javier Pastore and Alexis Sanchez. However, none of them until I moved to the USA. The debut season will be determinative in many aspects for “inter Miami”, including future transfers.

A second chance for Henry

Unlike Beckham, Thierry Henry decided to devote himself to the coaching career. While things in this field the French are not the best way. After working for 2 years as an assistant to Roberto Martinez in the Belgian national team, eks-the forward of “Arsenal” and “Barcelona” was headed by Monaco. This was the first appointment of Henry to the post of chief coach, which he failed. The Frenchman spent in the “Prince’s club” in just 3 months.

A second chance for Henri was the “Montreal Impact”. Officially, the specialist led the canadian club on 14 November 2019. The parties signed a contract until the end of 2021. The first match in the tournament, MLS is Back, Montreal has lost with the minimal score. The abuser team Henri became “new England Revolution”. However, Canadians are still at the beginning of his career. “Montreal” is a good option for the Frenchman to declare myself as a coach, albeit at the second attempt.

Nani will lead Orlando to the playoffs

In February 2019 Nani moved to the “Orlando city” on a free agent. For a mediocre club, even by the standards of MLS to get to your part of the champion of Europe was a great success. In his first overseas season the Portuguese played 30 matches in which he scored 12 goals and gave 5 assists. However, it was not enough. “Orlando” is not even reached the playoffs.

Twitter Orlando City

This season, Nani is serious to bring Orlando to a new level. It is the Portuguese became the hero in the Derby against “inter Miami”. He first gave an assist and then scored the winning goal against the archrivals. Nani with the first match showed his attitude to the season 2020. The Portuguese 33 years – the optimum age for MLS. The European champion has a lot to give as his team and the entire League.

Chicharito instead of Ibrahimovic

“Los Angeles galaxy” a default is considered to be the favorite in every season. “Los Galacticos” always try to involve composition of star players. The club were David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Ashley Cole, Robbie Keane and other famous players. The last 2 of the season for the galaxy was made by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The whole city asked the Swede to stay, but he still returned to Europe.
In January 2020, “LA galaxy” signed Javier Hernandez. The striker moved from Sevilla for 8.5 million euros. Chicharito was called up to replace Ibrahimovic. To pause the Mexican managed to play for the new club 2 official matches. The player played the 180 minutes, but effective actions marked.

Initially it was clear that Hernandez is unlikely to be a replacement for Zlatan – like performance, and in terms of media. The Swede in his first season scored 22 goals for the galaxy, and in the following year 31 times struck gate of rivals. However, Chicharito is an experienced striker. He played in the best European Championships, and would be useful to any team in the MLS. In any case, the “Galeski”, as for many other clubs, will be interesting to watch this season.

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