Minnesota authorities say that Vechirko drove into the crowd intentionally

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said that the truck driver Bogdan Vechirko, may 31 drove the marchers on the highway in Minneapolis, did it unintentionally, said June 1 Reuters.

According to Walsh a trucker who was pulled out of cars and beat some of the protesters informed the authorities that the vast majority of the marchers were trying to protect him from those who wanted to hurt him. In addition to the driver, no injuries were reported.

The Governor also noted that the driver ahead of the phased closure of the interstate and turned onto the highway before it was blocked. Vechirko bypassed other cars and slowed down when he saw the crowd, said Walz, adding that the driver “did something really stupid” and he’s lucky he didn’t kill anyone.

In Minneapolis the driver of a tanker truck sent the truck into the crowd of protesters. The demonstrators pulled the driver out of the cab and beat him, the Agency said. Arrived on the scene, the police took the driver to the hospital.

In the United States after the death of the African-American George Floyd riots broke out. Floyd died may 25 after a tough police detention. The patrol suspected Floyd that he paid with a fake $ 20 bill.

Demonstrators took to the streets and began throwing the police with firecrackers and bottles. During the protests were looted shop, unknown persons set fire to several industrial and commercial buildings. One person was killed. Native of Floyd appealed to the protesters asking them not to allow violence.

The government decided on the introduction of the national guard. May 29, law enforcement authorities arrested police officer Derek Shovina, which used a rear naked choke against Floyd.

The protests began across the country. Because of this, in 25 cities in 16 States imposed a curfew.

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