Minecraft offers to take a free tour on the ISS or Ancient Greece

That children forced to stay at home, could spend time with benefits, the Studio Mojang (the developer of the famous Minecraft) opened free access to a huge number of learning content. Area for consideration will be the space game Minecraft in Marketplace which added a category “Training”. All available materials can be downloaded for free until June 30 of the current year.

As an example, what to do during quarantine, Mojang offers a virtual tour of the ISS tour of the sights of Ancient Greece voyage through the deep sea or introduction to the industry of renewable energy. Here is a classic of popular science collections and educational content on the worlds created by users Minecraft. Fans of puzzle games will find their niche, young creators will be able to compete in composing poetry or dramatic scenes.

Not forgotten, and students of universities, recently Mojang has already proposed to teachers and students with Microsoft accounts 365 Education free access to Minecraft: Education Edition. Prepared at least a dozen of educational programs for distance learning for the duration of the quarantine. This content will also be completely free until the end of June.

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