Mikhail Efremov in the time of the accident was able to not only alcohol, but drugs – Prosecutor’s office

At the time of the accident on Smolensk square in Moscow, which occurred on 8 June, the Russian actor Mikhail Efremov was able to not only alcohol, but drugs. This follows from the message of the Moscow Prosecutor’s office, published on its website on June 10.

“Efremov, driving a car in a condition of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication, has made the accident, which killed people”, – stated in the message.

Given these circumstances, the Moscow Prosecutor Denis Popov demanded that the Moscow Directorate of the interior Ministry to transfer the case about the accident at Smolensk square in the head investigative Department of GU MVD in Moscow.

Immediately after the accident in the Russian police said that, according to the examination, Efremov sat behind the wheel in an alcohol intoxication. 9 June, the Russian media reportedthat in the analysis of the actor found traces of cocaine and cannabinoids.

56-year-old Efremov provoked a traffic accident in Central Moscow on the evening of 8 June: Smolenskaya square, he went into the oncoming lane and collided with the van. The van driver from the got injuries died later in the hospital.

Against the actor opened a criminal case under article about violation of traffic rules, entailed death of the person. He faces from five to 12 years in prison.

On 9 June, the Tagansky district court of Moscow chose Ephraim, measure the actor in the form of house arrest for two months.

Efremov – Soviet and Russian theatre and cinema actor, TV presenter. He is the son of the Creator of the theatre “the Contemporary” Oleg Efremova. Known reading satirical poems, in the framework of the project “Citizen poet”.

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