Michel Platini: football genius, became a legend on the short track

About the playing career of Michel Platini now very often overlooked because of the scandalous stories of corruption in which the Frenchman was caught when he worked as a functionary. But once for Platini football was a sport that every day brought him the pleasure of being on the field and opportunities fearit with the ball at his feet. In this case, he was and remains one of the best in history…

Platini was a very unique player who shone everywhere we played – whether it’s native France, or Italy, where Michelle had probably the best time in his career, playing for Juventus.

Before moving to Italy, which happened in 1982, Michel Platini at home played as a midfielder. He was able to demonstrate the wonders of effectiveness, as in “Nancy” (98 goals in 183 matches) and “Saint-étienne” (58 goals in 104 matches). Yes, and for the national team of France in his career, Platini scored a lot – 41 goals in 72 games. Such figures sought the best forwards at the time, but Michel is so effective the game was very simple – as if otherwise, just could not be.

The arrival of Platini to Italy was filled with great expectations. The Frenchman had to replace Liam Brady – Irish, who entertained with their game fans for Juventus over the past two seasons. At the time Platini has not yet been finally formed a star. In 27 years he succeeded on many levels, but his career was still observed some inconsistencies cast doubt in the minds of some specialists. Nevertheless, Platini was a great footballer, who guide Juventus in the summer of 1982 bet.

Just two years before Italy was finally allowed to hire foreign players for games in Serie A. Originally, the quota was equal to one foreigner in the team, in 1982 it increased to two. The management of Juventus, taking advantage of the exemptions in the regulations, was invited into their ranks not only of the Frenchman Platini, but pole boneka. Both contracts were signed in April, but “Bianconeri” tried to keep quiet about any upcoming deals, so as not to spoil the mood that was passing Brady, as he helped Juventus to fight for the “gold” of the championship. However, to keep the lid on such news failed, but the Irish still remained professional to the end, and contributed to a winning Juventus, their 20th Scudetto.

The first week for a Platini at Juventus was difficult. Despite the arrival in the community, where there were many Italian star players who became world Champions in 1982, Platini (his the French team was at the 1982 world Cup the fourth) and Boneco (poles finished in the world Cup third) is not immediately able to find common ground with each other and with partners under the guidance of Giovanni Trapattoni.

To open an account the goals for Juventus Platini has been in the Cup duel against “Pescara”. In this tournament things have “Bianconeri” were going well, but the championship team started with wheelspin. The season, the Bianconeri started with a defeat in Genoa from Sampdoria, whose ranks, like, ironically, was made by the former idol of the fans of the “Bianconeri” Liam Brady. In a press there is no doubt that Platini is generally suitable for the level of a team like Juventus, although frankly it doesn’t matter at that point in time was the whole team, but the main criticism got new Juventus players Platini and Boneco.

Even the fact that Platini at that time had problems with his groin, not saved from criticism. In the press there were even rumors that Michelle is in the winter season determined to leave the club and return to France, but they quickly petered out. In November 1982 was a critical moment for Juventus, and Platini himself. In the Derby against Torino that is the only goal of the Frenchman, held in the 35th minute brought the victory with 1:0. She helped boost the morale of the team, and Platini himself, waiting for a small winter break, returned to France to heal the injury and return to be in the best condition.

The winter cut was a bad one for Juventus, involving six draws and one defeat, after which it became clear that to claim the League title, the Bianconeri are unlikely to. However, in the spring Platini literally came to life in the next 9 League matches the Frenchman scored 14 goals in the gate rivals Juventus. This series included the matches against such strong opponents as “inter”, “Fiorentina” and became a champion Roma. And in the final of the Italian Cup-1982/83 against the “Verona” that consisted of two matches, is Platini brought the trophy to his team, scoring first second goal for Juventus in the second leg (the first ended in the defeat of Juventus – 0:2), and moving the game into overtime, and then found the net a decisive goal – 3:0.

Improving outcomes in the game Platini has happened after Michelle asked Trapattoni to give him more freedom. The coach responded, actually giving the Frenchman “the keys of the midfield” team and it played a role, because of the Juventus in the attack have become much more refined due to the incredible abilities Platini to creativity.

Serious attention Trapattoni team that season gave the European Champions Cup. Juventus were competitive at the continental level, the Duo Platini – kempes made them incredibly strong in attack. In the quarter-final Juventus knocked out of the draw of the current Champions of the English “Aston Villa” (5:2 – the sum of the two matches), and in the semi-finals were the Polish “Widzew” (4:2 – two matches). Moreover, on account of Platini was three goals in four games. The Frenchman scored an outstanding performance that made Juventus the favourites for the final confrontation with the “Hamburg”.

However, the victory of Juventus in the drawing of the KETCH to happen was not meant to be. In a rather boring final of all decided the only goal by Felix Magath ball in the 8th minute. “Hamburg” has won with the account 1:0, and persistent in attack against Juventus and failed to make history in the Greek Olympic stadium in Athens and win their first European Cup.

In the next season from Juventus expect a much greater, that it was absolutely correct. To start the championship Juventus managed as they wanted with a convincing victory over the “Ascoli” (7:0), a serious contribution in which the two goals have made and our hero. Juventus over the summer had changed – the team left Dino and Jeff by Roberto Bettega, but the mentality of winners Trapattoni managed to keep.

Christmas Juventus came as the leader of the championship, but the club had another reason to be proud – Michel Platini won his first Golden ball, seriously beating in the final poll of the Englishman Kenny Dalglish from Liverpool, who became the second (110 points vs 26). It was an incredible achievement, especially against the background that 12 months ago, Italy was seriously talking about anger game Platini, who, in turn, considered the options for leaving the club. But obtaining the prestigious award hasn’t slowed down the progress Platini – he gave vosmiruchevoj scoring streak in the League, which allowed Juventus to become the main favorite of the season in Italy, and then return the title to Turin.

Successful game in the Cup winners ‘ Cup was another important goal for Juventus. Realizing that this tournament was in the season of 1983/84 the pinnacle of their continental claims, the “Bianconeri” have focused on it, passing in the first round of the Polish “Lechia” and the French “Paris Saint-Germain,” in the quarterfinals – Finnish “hack”, and in the semi – English “Manchester United”. By the time “Juventus” has managed to issue a champion title in Serie A, and because the COC final against Porto the players of the Turin team came out with one thought – to win, to get another prestigious trophy and make a super successful season. Succeeded: Juventus beat the Portuguese with the score 2:1 at the stadium “St. Jakob-Stadion” in Basel.

Platini managed that season to prove himself not only in matches with teams deliberately low level, but against the giants. He has scored in key games against inter, Milan, Torino, Roma, but in the final of the Cup winners ‘ Cup against Porto could not be different, but this does not detract from the merits of the Frenchman in the triumph of the whole team.

In addition, in the Series And the second season in a row is Platini was the best scorer. He had 20 goals, one more than the Brazilian Zico from Udinese. A successful game has led to the fact that Michelle was in the home application for the French team for the European championship in 1984. The continental championship was a real benefit for France and personally for their main star Michel Platini. It was the “icing on the cake” in the career of genius, who with 9 goals was the best scorer of the competition, far surpassing the nearest competitor (them with 3 goals in the asset was Dane Frank Arnesen).

Season 1984/85 was incredibly contrast. Platini was routinely successful for the third time in a row becoming the top scorer in Serie A (18 goals), and the second time in a row winning the “Golden ball”, but “Juventus” was just in terrible shape. Juventus had an awful start to the season, studied it during all of the deepest depths of the standings.

The loss of a chance to win the national championship led to the fact that Juventus are maximally focused on the task to finally win the European Cup. In the first round they lost in two games have left chances of success are modest Finnish club “Ilves” – 6:1, and then sequentially to the finals out of the way of the Swiss “representing AC” (2:0, 4:2), Czech “Sparta” (3:0, 0:1) and the French “Bordeaux” (3:0, 0:2). The gate countrymen Platini sent the third goal of his team in the first match, which was decisive in the two-legged duel, being also one of the most beautiful in the career of Michel.

The championship of Italy “Juventus” has finished a shocking 6th place, and winning that European Cup was almost the only chance for Juventus to save the season. In the final they had to play against Liverpool, which Juventus a few months before that I met in the UEFA super Cup and got the victory with the score 2:0.

In the end, the final KETCH-1984/85 Juventus won with 1:0, but Platini was the author of the only goal which was a penalty. However, in the history of the game came not for the reason that was the first that brought Juventus the most prestigious award in European club football, but because of the notorious events at the stadium “Ezel” in Brussels, where as a result of the collapse of the walls of one of the stands killed 39 people, mostly Italians.

However, despite the fact that football in that season have faded into the background, no one on the continent could not deny that Michel Platini was a key figure in the “Juventus”. Not surprisingly, all this led to a third consecutive win French awards “Golden ball” – a historical phenomenon at the time.

After this career Platini at Juventus a few went into decline. May have contributed to rumors about wanting Michel to change the team – talked a lot about the possible move to Barcelona. But in the end, Michelle agreed to a contract extension with Juventus, which has won “gold” of the Serie A in the 1985-86 season, after which still got “the bronze” at the world Cup in Mexico in 1986 in the national team of France.

At that moment in Italy there is a new star arrived in Napoli’s Diego Maradona. In addition, in may 1986, Juventus left Giovanni Trapattoni, and its successor, the rino Marchesi failed to maintain Juve’s title. Season 1986/87 was for Platini the latter not only in the camp for Juventus, but generally in football. He retired too early, later describing this event is very capacious phrase in his autobiography: “As a player, I died at 32 years of age — may 17, 1987…”

Studying the career of Michel Platini, you can’t come to some other conclusion except the one that the Frenchman is one of the best players in football history, and perhaps the best in the history of Juventus. Yes, after Platini in Turin played a lot of stars of the first magnitude – for example, Alessandro Del Piero, Gianluigi Buffon, or Cristiano Ronaldo, but the legacy of one Platini is probably superior to all that gave Juventus all three above-mentioned players combined. The Frenchman in such a short period of time has proved that is unmatched not only in Italy but also in world football. So now Platini is a true legend in Turin, and no corruption scandals are not inclined to change it. And if so, it means that today, when Platini celebrates 65 years in Italy (and abroad, too) there are a lot of football fans with the experience, who on the evening in a relaxed atmosphere would prefer to raise a glass of good wine to the health of Monsieur Michel. Many years, Platoche!


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