Messi or Ronaldo? Who are the best football legends

We are with you insanely lucky to live in the era of the two football geniuses of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Perhaps now not all realize it, but over the decades, probably most of his contemporaries, who have the time to grow old, will remember the Argentine and Portuguese with nostalgia and tell our grandchildren about – say, in our time football was better!

But who’s better – Messi or Ronaldo – opinions now diverge, and dramatically. It appears that not only ordinary fans but also the legendary football personalities. Well, let’s have a short overview of their opinions, but in the end calculate which side had more sympathy.

PELE over Ronaldo

The press can find a few different answers of the “King of football” on the subject, who is better – Messi or Ronaldo, but we would prefer to take into account the last. In this Brazilian genius was on the side of the Portuguese.

“Today the best player in world is Cristiano Ronaldo. I think he’s the best because it is more consistent on the field and in his career, however, about Messi, after all should not be forgotten,” said Pele.

Diego MARADONA for Messi

One of the people in the press at one time or another opposed to the genius of Pele, Diego Maradona – the best of Lionel Messi believes. However, one should not forget that Leo are still countrymen, and don Diego coached Messi in the Argentina national team from 2008 to 2010.

“I don’t remember Lionel played badly. I opted for Messi, not Ronaldo, but I admit that the latter is an animal, pure power on the field. But football historians will remember Messi. He has given much to the game, and the only thing that he could not win the world Cup, even though he would not be able to change the situation,” said Maradona.

David BECKHAM – Messi

It just so happened that an Englishman, Ronaldo was called up to replace first with “Manchester United”, and several years later, and in the “Real world”. Who knows, maybe that’s why Beckham more sympathy for Messi…

“Both of them have common features in technical skills and talent, and for football it is surprising that they play at the same time. However, Messi simply the best footballer in the world. He’s one of a kind. This is a player who will not be able to be like anyone else,” said Beckham.

Paul SCHOLES – Messi

“Red Prince” of Manchester have a chance to play with Cristiano Ronaldo for the red devils, but with Messi in the same team never played. All the more surprising that Scholes believes the best is Argentinian, not Portuguese.

“Messi the best but Ronaldo is a great. Ronaldo is brilliant at what he does with pace and power games. But if we take into account the versatility of action, Messi is just “wow”! He seems to have absolutely everything to achieve our objectives,” – gave Scholes in an interview.

Roberto CARLOS – for Ronaldo

The legendary left “all-rounder” real Madrid failed to play for real side by side with Ronaldo – the Brazilian left Madrid in 2007, and the Portuguese came two years later. However, Roberto Carlos like a true madridista, entirely on the side of Ronaldo in the eternal dispute between the two geniuses.

“I watch Cristiano trains every day, and what he does is truly impressive. He wants to get better every day. This is the difference between him and Messi. Leo is a phenomenon, but the power of Cristiano in his work, professionalism, dedication, motivation, success… Believe that Ronaldo has the advantage over all others,” said Carlos.

Zinedine ZIDANE over Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo helped great in the past a player Zinedine Zidane brilliantly to start a coaching career. Real Madrid under the leadership of French and Portuguese slave on the field has won three in a row Champions League is a phenomenal achievement of our time. Not surprisingly, Zizou the best is Cristiano.

“Cristiano is the best. Messi is his rival, and this rivalry helps the football, it all want to see, and as often as possible. But Ronaldo is phenomenal. There are no words to describe it. It is much better to me, although I can boast of an excellent professional career. Cristiano is the greatest footballer of all time,” – said Zidane.

Sir Alex FERGUSON over Ronaldo

Great Scot, which has perhaps the best coach of all time, helped Cristiano Ronaldo to reveal his star on the European and world football space. In “Manchester United”, the Portuguese was called up to replace of Beckham, and made it so that the David in two years at old Trafford, few people remembered. It is not surprising that Ferguson is closer to Portuguese.

“Don’t get me wrong, Messi is a fantastic player, he comes on to the pitch in Slippers when on the ball. But, as for me, and there is a difference. Messi is a player of “Barcelona”. But Ronaldo can be successful not only in Manchester United, Real Madrid or Juventus, he would do hat-tricks even in the “Stockport County”. He just wanted to be the best in the world,” said Ferguson.

Zlatan IBRAHIMOVIC – Messi

Swedish striker Ibrahimovic is a true phenomenon in football. It is possible to respect or hate, but indifferent towards Zlatan virtually no. If you read early interviews Ibrahimovic, the best he believed Ronaldo, while career did not provide him a chance to play and train next to Leo…

“I think Messi is one of a kind. What he does on the field, I don’t even know if we will see something from some football player. With Ronaldo it’s different, because his success is the result of grueling workouts and work on yourself. It’s unnatural,” said Ibrahimovic.

Marco VAN BASTEN – Messi

One of the best forwards in the history of football in the Netherlands Marco van Basten is not directly faced in work nor Messi, nor Ronaldo, but because his point of view can be considered unbiased.

“Cristiano is a great player, but those who say that he is better than Messi, just don’t know anything about football, or saying it insincerely. Messi – one of a kind. No one can imitate him or replicate what he does. Such a player appears in football, perhaps once in 50 or even 100 years,” said van Basten.

Iker CASILLAS for Ronaldo

The graduate of the Academy of real Madrid the Iker Casillas managed not only at a young age to win a place at the heart of Madrid, but also to become one of the best goalkeepers in football history. In a team with Ronaldo Casillas played from 2009 to 2015 and that’s probably why believes Cristiano is the best.

“Ronaldo or Messi? My choice is in favor of Cristiano, because he is a player who has given us so much every season, and he is the one who is always nice to cross off the field,” – said Casillas.

Fabio CAPELLO – Messi

Italian the “General” didn’t have to train Messi or Ronaldo (from real Madrid Fabio went for two years before joining Cristiano), but his opinion in the football world is always valuable.

“Ronaldo is an extraordinary player, but Messi is a genius. In the history of football there are only three of genius: Pele, Maradona and Messi. Point. Ronaldo is very strong, he is helping his team win everything, but Messi is pure genius and simply the best,” said Capello.

Jurgen KLOPP for Messi

The current coach of “Liverpool” Jurgen Klopp, who has managed to write his name in the cohort of the most successful and iconic coaches in football, doesn’t like to explain what and why. He is witty and concise.

“I’m on the phone there is only one self. It is with Messi. Cristiano? It was also in this room,” – succinctly formulated the idea of Klopp.


The Brazilian “Wizard” was not always known by the scandal, such as the last, when he first was arrested, and a month later was out of there. Once the game Ronaldinho admired by millions of football fans, and the players themselves. Rumor has it that among the sympathizers of the Brazilian himself was Messi who is “the Wizard” thinks is best, and already distant 2005, when he said that Lionel is able to become much stronger than him.

“I’d love to continue to play with Messi. Alas, I don’t have enough time. He was very young at the time. More than anything, I wanted to go with him to one field. Leo is the best in history, no doubt. No one can do what Messi does. Ronaldo is too strong, he has everything to succeed. Messi or Ronaldo – in General it’s just a matter of taste football, but I prefer the style of Leo,” said Ronaldinho.

Steven GERRARD for Messi

One of the best players Liverpool all time is Steven Gerrard, one of the top 10 in the history of the “red” on the number of matches and goals, said that he prefer team players, not those who play for themselves. Why Gerrard chose… Messi.

“Definitely there are players who are on a different level than the rest. Now it’s Messi and Ronaldo. But Ronaldo is not included in my dream team. Ronaldo wins matches for you, but I’m more a team player than someone who plays for himself, so I will always go this route and choose Messi,” said Gerrard.

Wayne ROONEY – Messi

The best scorer in the history “Manchester United” Wayne Rooney, who managed to play in the camp of the red devils Cristiano Ronaldo, the best player in history still believes Lionel Messi.

“It’s Messi. I think I said before that they are both incredible, the best two player ever existed in football. However, I think Messi is simply the greatest of all,” said Rooney.

Diego Simeone – Messi

Messi and Ronaldo for many years played against Madrid, “Atletico”, “drunk with blood” fans have “plans” and their coach Diego Simeone. Therefore the opinion of this specialist, obviously, is an important part of our material.

“If I had to choose between Messi and Ronaldo, most of all, I would choose Messi. If I had the opportunity to sign any of them for a normal club with normal players, Ronaldo probably would have been fine. But Messi used to play amongst great players. Leo is better than Cristiano,” – said Simeon.

RONALDO over Messi

Brazilian “tooth fairy”, played for Barcelona and real Madrid, as well as many of the legends, whose opinion is cited above, their preferences gives Lionel Messi.

“Messi is out of this world. Cristiano too, but I see Leo more phenomenal. I love him more than any other player. Everything he does on the field is impressive,” admitted Ronaldo.

Andriy SHEVCHENKO – Messi

Well, where do without the opinions of the legendary Andriy Shevchenko, who, like Messi and Ronaldo, won the “Golden ball”, and now works as a coach of “blue-yellow”. As a coach of the national team, Shevchenko has repeatedly voted for Ronaldo in the poll to identify another winner of the Golden ball, but he did it he obviously objectivity. But when Shevchenko asked in blitz who he believes is better – Messi or Ronaldo, Andrey Nikolaevich said quite clearly and concisely.

“It’s a different style players. I think Messi is better”, – said Shevchenko.

A total of 18 given points of view 5 was on the side of Ronaldo, and the other 13, respectively, for Messi. As you can see, most football experts, the Argentinian is still listed above the Portuguese, although fans of the latter may accuse the author’s distortion of facts – well, that’s their right, especially since really all the judge a story. Who will be remembered by descendants – and he is great!

P. S. In conclusion, we present two more interesting terms of people who can rightly be called legends of European and world football. Why their opinions were not in General the row above? Now understand…

Luis FIGO: “Messi or Ronaldo? They are both the best in the world. It is always hard to choose one of them and say that he is better than the second. In the end, Ronaldo and Messi are the only one who won all the individual awards in the world. That says it all about their phenomenal football talent. I’ll never be able to pick the better of them. To choose the best of them is like comparing white truffle and caviar. It’s a matter of taste.”

Oleh BLOKHIN: “Ronaldo is the most similar to me with their speed and strength? There cannot be two identical players. Cristiano is one of the best players on the planet. Because of this, every year he along with Messi claims Golden ball. Would I be able to play our time is on their level? Sure Yes.”


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