Merkel said about the readiness of Germany to take measures against Russia in connection with the hacking

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking in Parliament on 13 may, said that against Russia can be taken retaliatory measures in connection with hacker attack to the Bundestag, which occurred in may 2015. It is reported by Die Welt.

According to the head of the government, the investigators of the Prosecutor’s office has received “strong evidence” of the involvement of the Russian Federation to “outrageous” attempt of hacking servers. The information obtained cause pain, this case will not help to improve relations with Russia, said Merkel.

Hybrid wars are part of the strategy of the Russian Federation, she said.

On 5 may, the General Prosecutor’s office of Germany has issued a warrant for the arrest of Russian citizen Dmitry Badin, who is suspected of involvement in the hacking of servers of the US Democratic party, attacks on the Bundestag and the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, and Russia’s intervention in the US presidential election in 2016. Presumably, badin is an officer of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Russian Federation and included in hacker group Fancy Bear / APT28. He is also wanted by the US authorities.

In the German government believe that hackers from the group of Fancy Bear / APT28 attacked the servers of the Chancellor, the Federal ministries and security services also in December 2017.

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