Mentor miner named main advantages of the new format of the Europa League

Head coach of “Shakhtar” Luiz Castro expressed his opinion about the new format of the playoffs of the Europa League (all stages will consist of one game).

“To optimize our plan, not enough data: when will the next championship of Ukraine. The new season is literally glued to what ends. We need this data. We’ll get ready for the Europa League, despite the fact that the path will be very difficult. This year we have conducted, we can say, three collection, while European games have, in fact, to hold the fourth mini-sessions, because there will be two and a half or three weeks.

Format? It is quite interesting. The knock-out matches. Our first wall – “Wolfsburg”. Will be a difficult task. In the home match when there is no audience and an empty stadium, hands down a little – all the same atmosphere, there is no advantage from the pitch. We know what German clubs. You need to consider all before this match, and if we pass in the 1/4 finals, let’s see what will happen next.

In games through everyone has the opportunity to reach the finals, and we are no exception. Until today we performed well in the Europa League and want to continue in the same spirit. But as I always say, the concentration should be only on the upcoming fight, and he have “Alexandria”, – said Castro.

We will remind, in the first match, “Shakhtar” defeated “Wolfsburg” on departure with the account 2:1.

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