Meninick of the day: 10 quotes Svyatoslav Vakarchuk’s about love, freedom that zhinok

Today, 14 may, there Ukrainian musician, politichny DAC and frontman of the group “Okean Elzy” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk svatku his 45-richchya. Z nagodi Holy zhadum nicras quote sarcofago imeninnika about love, freedom I zhinok.

“Yea I’m such a human, the yakoy I ), ( rally ti way, that I want are Robit, ABO yaki I do not mozhu not are Robit. Law, fine. Ale zapoved — value”.

“Love m TSE tamica. Ti Slokas music, I got goose bumps on TLU. Chomu? TSE vdott. Well those are the same I have vanishing mizh column I inkou. Ti ABO vdtuv love, ABO hi”.

“Me not scanlate formalin titles. Zaslujennyi, Museum, cosmone… I h not primal I will not Primate. The recognition of people — axle scho to wait!”

“Zloi hand only of kahani. Shilei head tilki before uchitelem. Post rules wlno person”.

“It postijno chogos hotty. Not hotti zanadto are many, but not hotty NATO little. Art of life to dwellers hotti same strike, skilki need.”

“I Nikoli not stop the pisati about spring…. Spring, and in direct, and in portable Sachen — TSE naikrashe scho storev God!”

“Gnocchi — TSE is not platta beautiful, makeup Chi TOEFL on pdbio. Gnocchi — TSE mill dus”.

“Yakscho to the musician pthalate take the autograph from the words: “My Granny sluhay You have Molodost” — VIN Kruty”.

“I don’t have VRU happiness, Yak could b prodolgovataya tagName. Naybilsh dowholesale happiness — TSE of love. I navti vono got svoï PCI I spade. And happiness materialnyh speeches — TSE vzagali mitwa”

.”No zhodnogo drive nichogo not are Robit. After, my Dumka, of massovymi staute ti, hto for godnic obstavin not opaska hands.”

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