“Meni not podobala vikoristannya inoco seksualnost for HYIP”: Jerry Heil pod to the court for a rapper, that abrasive , have their songs

Not so long ago, Trammel pocas rozpisywania track from rapper-poczatkowa Faynyy “Not Ian” in yakomu savla about his bazhannia “Tr*hnuti Jerry Heil”. Space procentual incident have swoa Instagram, podomys scho pod sudovi pozov on the address wykonawca.

“Nikoli not Bula conflct — I dated znovu. Yak I I wrote, the track z prispevok “Tr*hnuti JH” I happily gnarwhal, pokey not mene pocha zapalovaci POU about Demba. Ale tsogo for HYIP Bulo enough, that wykonawcy Virchow of postaviti Yogo on advertising! Shcho Dali? Chelopech writing in stores, scho yakscho I don’t warehou, VIN write has such cudesnih tracks! Scho steel ale after mo react? Man of snav video, de kazhe, shcho TSE NOT on MAV Uvas, argumentasi TSE neosporine fact type: “Sant “trahnut” with “pocelovat” I have songs nabagato primesi Sens. KEP, FOR SURE! And if Smythe “Tr*hnuti” with “pokajati on the bike”, it turns school of Akis dodatkowy Sens VIN Zaspa those scho writing. TSE is not direct EPR — stvorennya on the track at the person of the yde hour, and Yogo dostatno, schob usvit words, that viranus.

I escravo pam I remember, the Yak balasa of walks bulicame his Mista, Bo 13 years orremoval listy of a sexual nature from susd. Yak not disposable right middle vulitsi orremoval of lapas for up from pragjyoti of POWs of Kruti wasilkowski natnik motorollers. Pam I remember, the Yak Bossa panati Ochi if ides voicey, Bo company SLV wage scho “xxx” – codovi method you publicati. Such situations become s a hundred lishe from me. Ale such most cases — mlion s mladimi Ducat have in! I now TSE sama vdbase in Internet. I it turns, it is possible nawt songs tak vipuskat!

Dude Hoca hypovase, I Yogo not oujou. Meni not podobala vikoristannya inoco seksualnost for the hype, that unfortunately, no pokey godno article, Yak bi musila Yogo of padamati over Tim, SCHO VIN said. The procedure, I zmuchena before podany call proportionate Faynyy about moï name I poprosite vitality track s usih platforms I Studio video-vimochana. Nagolovu: specifically, I don’t obrazen. Meni is important, dwellers Tsey case becoming a precedent of the first dwellers of the society ceasing of wagati scho say so s NIEZNAJOMY dvoynoy — TSE OK! Words toil znachennya,” wrote Jerry.

Bravo, Ian!

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