Melting Norwegian glacier uncovered a treasure trove of artifacts of the ancient Vikings

In the Jotunheim mountains in Norway, at an altitude of about 1800 meters over the past two decades is melting the glacier Landrin, who accumulated his mass for many centuries. And this place, concealing a treasure trove of artifacts has become a cornucopia for archaeologists. The geographical position of the glacier and all the findings indicate that about a thousand years ago, the local mountain pass was an expensive Viking, which was intensive trade. She was in demand until then, until the Black plague that swept Europe in the 14th century, did not destroy the trade unions and communications.

Over the years, the rocky-icy plot, occupies 35 football fields, opened artifacts IV-XVI centuries BC Ice sheet retains any organic materials that otherwise would be lost in the weathering. Here, find articles of leather, bone, wood and fur in excellent condition. Archaeologists found the shoes, gloves and clothes (even a woolen tunic of the third century ad); a wooden chest; sled; a broom, which could serve as a peg for tent-tents; a small knife; an old horseshoe.

The presence of horseshoes suggested that it is nothing but the ancient road. Also here were found pyramids of stones – travel pointers for travelers. “It is now clear that Landrin was a regional transport artery from the Roman iron age (1-400 g) until the end of the middle ages (1050-1537 years)”, say the archaeologists working here.

In 2019 ended last archaeological season at this pass. But there is still a lot of work, including the study and description of finds already collected. Meanwhile, the team is already making plans on what pass you have to go next season. For example, immediately after finishing work on Landmine in 2019, from the ice began to open up the pass to the West of the ridge.

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