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His debut in the strongest League in the world was waiting for so long and with such impatience that even ESPN decided to change the program specifically for this event. And instead of contractions favorites of the season – “Houston” and “Denver”, it was decided to show the first match of Zion and its “new Orleans”, “San Antonio”.

It is worth saying that the channel was absolutely right. The debut of Zion looked 2 million 357 thousand spectators, thereby repeating the ranked play in the current NBA season, not counting the Christmas day games. Well, let’s see, what were the basketball on a collegiate level.

Was not a favorite of the draft, don’t know how to quit and… tore sneakers on the floor

Yes, Williamson was not considered the uncontested 1st draft-2019. Pre-season NCAA leaders “seeding” were two other basketball “Duke” R. J. Barrett and Cam Reddish – players of the back line, able to throw from a distance, pass under the ring, ottamiseksi well as for students. And what about our hero? From the first matches of the NCAA, he began to prove their claims to leadership in the draft-Makah, scoring in the first game of the season against “Kentucky”, – 28 points (Barrett scored 33 points). But in the next two games Zion became the leader of his team in scoring and rebounding.

By the middle of the championship of student’s League, it became clear in the struggle for who will be giving up the season “new York”. It should be noted that after an exchange of Porsi many fans of the club and is talking about creating a new supertrio: the Durant-Irving-Williamson. But the lottery decided otherwise. However, your player with the “Duke” the Knicks still signed.

What is the secret of Zion-a student? Imagine a Chinese fighter when 10 people fell on one trying to get his number and mass. A moment and these same 10 people scatter in different directions. At the same time! But seriously, add to the outstanding physical strength and speed of the basketball player set of high-quality post-mowow, the ability to play back and face to the basket, not the weak dribble and court vision, and most importantly, his immediate jumping allowing you to jump and get to the ball faster than a center-idols of the opponent team. Plus, Williamson implemented 33.8 % of shots from behind the arc! Yes, he was thrown far, but the same percentage of students – almost sniper accuracy!

Significant moment occurred in February of 2019. Zion brought down the shares of Nike! In the game against the University of North Carolina basketball player in the beginning of the fight injured, tearing of sneakers well-known companies.

To finish a match he was not able to – through the dislocation of the knee. And have not had time to finish the game, as the shares of the company “Nike” on the US stock market fell by 1%, the company fell from $ 1.46 billion. If for fans of the brand, known for its commitment to excellence and half a century of history, it was kind of a shock, for the company “Nike” – a solid reputation nightmare. So, trauma. Krichevsky and the team have to finish the regular season without their leader. Feel the difference: with Zion, statistics of won/lost matches was 23/2, after the injury – 3/3. After recovery, Williamson led his team to the finals “March madness”, where “Duke” conceded “Michigan”. How do you like the basketball player, whose talent level was compared to LeBron and Durant?

“Coach, I can win this match”

The debut of Williamson was held on 22 of January. But how was he expected! Can a player be so productive in the strongest League in the world, as he did in the NCAA? Is it possible to win only one physics? Who is he, forward or endersys-center? And how much of the hype has raised the news that Zion of Wilson during the off-season-2019 gained 3.6 kg of muscle mass in one week? “He’s not like everyone else. Find a weight figure in the case of Zion is a difficult task, because he was 19 years old. It continues to grow. In this case, there will be a certain numbers. We will measure and monitor different things, those things we can measure and which are not restricted to only weight,” – said Vice-President of “new Orleans” David Griffin.

And Zion has long wanted to return to the site. “You could see then, as I meditate around the site,” commented player your curious cases of falling asleep on the bench. So, first game, first loss, from the team of Gregg Popovich and Zion, again, all media: “Zion said, “Coach, I can win this match”. I said, “I Know, but I need to kill you. He said this from the point of view that wants to win for his team,” – said after the match the head coach “new Orleans” Alvin gentry.

But what about the health of the basketball player? After having such an unusual anthropometry, there is a risk early to finish career of the player. “He’s fine, absolutely. He practiced Thursday, was all. There is no pain. Zion said he feels fine,” he told reporters gentry.

“Passion for basketball is evident in his game. It’s great for the League”

The “PELs” was cut from a 13-game losing streak. Further, weak calendar helped to improve the situation in the standings. And here, with Williamson in the team showed the result 11/9 at wins/losses. Despite the fact that this piece was played with “Boston” (the first double-double in his career), “Indiana” and “Miami.” “He must do what he can. I don’t think he needs to save us. We want him to bring his energy, rebounding, explosive game. It is obvious that he is a threat in attack. Don’t know anyone who could defend against him under the ring,” – said drew Holliday. Interesting fact. You know what percentage of long distance shots the basketball player this season? – 46,2 % and 66.7 % over the last 10 games. “See what you’ve been practicing” – shared his opinion the leader of the “Pelicans” holiday.

So due to what Williamson gains of 23.6 points and 6.8 rebounds per game? That’s what it said Michael Jordan: “the Zion still a lot of work, but I think his passion for basketball is evident in his game. It’s great for the League”.

And here is the opinion of the basketball player: “I don’t like anyone in the League. I just have an unusual body type. Some people think it’s my fault, but, in my opinion, it is the gift of nature. Players are not used to defend themselves against such a big opponent, and I am able to add finesse to his game. Besides, I’m a point guard and can create chances for their partners, and may himself complete the attack when needed.”

Speed, thinking, the ability to open and get the ball, natural power make it a versatile weapon in the attack for “PELs”. And their interaction with Lonzo can become a discovery for the entire League.

New LeBron or the new derrick rose?

And yet, for our hero health problems can present themselves. Fresh in the memory of example D-rose is the youngest MVP of the season, whose body collapsed before his thirtieth birthday. The Zion is the same fast, athletic style of play, tied to drive to the basket and the desire to put on top. But you can talk about Joel Abide treated for two years, and then, with the help of modern medicine, which has become the best center in the NBA. LeBron James and Zion Williamson

“We decided to limit his playing time and rightly so. We’re going to stick to the plan. I understand that all very excited to see him in action. Every day I get called the dumbest coach in the world, why is he removes the guy in the last 5-6 minutes of the match? But I will survive this, knowing that we are doing the right thing,” said gentry.

Apparently, the coaching and medical staffs “Pelicans” know what to do with this not cut diamond. And the example of LeBron James, who at 35 is the best basketball player of our time, revealing in the sense that modern pharmacy is quite able to prolong the sports career of basketball players.

So whether Zion Williamson, second in scoring from the paint in the League, becoming player of the generation? Probably their duel with Dancejam will determine the face of the NBA. Probably, the basketball player have enough intelligence to develop their versatility, as does LeBron. And the fact that the club is aware of his father’s that of the player of what caliber they got, inspires optimism in the future of Zion. However, the player only starts its way in the strongest League in the world. And it will be interesting to see who this immense flow of energy will increase.


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