Meet drill the XXI century – with a touchscreen and lasers

Startup from Vancouver (Canada) Inc Robbox. offered his version of a drill of the XXI century – xDrill. Like any conventional drill, it has a Chuck for drills and the switch that changes the direction of rotation. And then it all becomes much more interesting.

One of the main pieces of unusual drills – touch screen located at the side of her back. Using the alignment function, the user can check how perpendicular the drill bit is relative to the working surface. If you want to make inclined holes on the display you can select the desired angle for the first hole and then memorize it for subsequent drilling.

On the display you can also set the depth of the hole, and located in the handle of the laser distance meter will monitor the results, and disconnects the drill at a predetermined depth. Users can choose the display view of the work surface material and size of drill, xDrill, then automatically sets the optimum speed of rotation.

It is necessary to clarify that xDrill two laser rangefinder – the top, pointing forward with the ability to rotate right or left 90 degrees, and lower, located in the butt of the handle. With their help it is possible to accurately drill several evenly spaced holes, check the accuracy of the operation performed with respect to the walls and floor.

To help the users are offered the app for iOS/Android that gives you the ability to store measurements, to find the drill in case of loss, to block if it was stolen, as well as a number of other options, including the registration of cases fall.

XDrill weight – 1.5 kg, charge 21-volt lithium battery lasts for 2-3 hours of intensive work. Charging time – 45 minutes. Drill can be purchased on Kickstarter for USD 295. The estimated retail price is 440 dollars.

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