Roche, together with the Blueprint will create a gene therapy for cancer

Roche and Blueprint signed an agreement worth 1.7 billion dollars on the joint development of genetic methods of treatment of malignant tumors. Experimental therapy is designed for patients with rare tumors, writes Reuters. Under the agreement, Roche will pay 675 million dollars and will hold an equity investment in the capital of the Blueprint for […]

In Russia 6 248 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection

In recent days in Russia revealed 6 248 new cases of coronavirus in 83 regions. At 24.5% of patients there are no clinical manifestations of the disease. 24 hours died 175 patients fully recovered 8 804 people. In Mosev 613 new confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus. For two weeks the number of new cases […]

Rostec will make joint replacement 20% cheaper

Belebeevsky Zavod “Avtonormal” (BelZAN), part of the RT Capital, a subsidiary of the rostec state Corporation, has commenced production of medical fasteners and components for joint replacement and traumatology. The project implementation cover the requirements of national health care in such products within five years. Thanks to domestic production, the cost of replacements will be […]

In the Moscow region revealed a six-fold overstatement of prices for medical masks

Moscow regional OFAS together with the Prosecutor of the Moscow region stopped inflating the cost of medical masks: the company “Comfort” (of SPANPRO) issued a warning, in default of which the producer is threatened with administrative responsibility. “A significant overstatement of prices for medical masks identified in the joint work to combat unreasonably high prices […]

Medical specialty has lost attractiveness for graduates

The number of applicants wishing to apply for health professions declined in the year 2020, according to the research, internal monitoring Centre, HSE consulted by Kommersant. Experts believe that the students could deter coronavirus and awareness of occupational exposure of health care workers. Among those surveyed 3000 students 17% plan to study at the University […]

“GEROPHARM” has set 840 thousand packages of insulin in Venezuela

The company “GEROPHARM” has carried out the first delivery of insulin to Venezuela on July 11 aircraft delivered 840 000 units of insulin in Caracas. Supply in addition to genetically engineered human insulin includes insulin analogs and extends the therapy of diabetes in Venezuela. “GEROPHARM” is the sole supplier of insulin in Venezuela. Current commercial […]

The cost of dipyrone in June grew by 26.5%

In June, Russia drastically increased the prices of a popular analgesic drug dipyrone, I find “Izvestia”. The main reason is the rising cost of imported pharmaceutical substances of which make even the domestic tablet. Because of this soon-to-rise prices for other drugs, experts warn. The average price of domestic dipyrone in June rose by 26.5 […]

Service Delivery Club began to cooperate with the pharmacy

Delivery service food Delivery Club started shipping products from pharmacies. We are talking about non-drug products, including vitamins, SUPPLEMENTS, cosmetics. Delivery of orders will take the couriers Delivery Club, users will be able to choose two options on time delivery: Express delivery for 25-40 minutes, or delivery within four hours. Technical partner of the project […]

The who announced record growth of new cases COVID-19

The world health organization announced the identification of over 230 thousand new cases of infection with coronavirus infection in one day. This is a record value previously 24 hours was recorded about 228 thousand cases of infection, writes The Guardian. According to the presented data, all in the world COVID-19 was diagnosed almost 12.9 million […]

In Russia 6 537 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection

In recent days in Russia revealed 6 537 new cases of coronavirus in 84 regions. At 25.6% of missing clinical manifestations of the disease. There are 104 fatal outcome, completely recovered, 2 960 people. In Moscow confirmed 672 new cases of infection with coronavirus. The number of new cases over the past week by 88.8% […]

Khabarovsk will have pharmaceutical Technopark

Pharmaceutical industrial Park, including warehouse and production sites are planned in the framework of priority development areas “Khabarovsk”, reports TASS with reference to the Agency of the Far East to attract investment and support exports (IPA). “Company “Farmacity” intends to set up a pharmaceutical Park in Khabarovsk. The capital cost will amount to 14.4 million. […]

AbbVie and Genmab will co-operate in the development of anticancer drugs

Company AbbVie and Genmab announced the signing of an agreement on cooperation in the development and marketing of three experimental drugs based on antibodies bispecific are working professionals Genmab. Under the agreement, AbbVie will pay Genmab 750 million dollars as an advance, the total amount of payments in the long term can be up to […]

Pharmaceutical companies sent $ 1 billion for the development of antibiotics

International Federation of pharmaceutical manufacturers and associations has launched a new Fund to Finance the development of antibacterial drugs. The largest pharmaceutical companies in the world have already sent to the Fund of $ 1 billion, according to Reuters. The development of new antibiotics plays a key role in the fight against antibiotic resistance, however, […]

In Russia confirmed 6 635 new cases of coronavirus

In recent days in Russia diagnosed 6 635 new cases of coronavirus infection in 85 regions. In 25,2% of patients there are no clinical manifestations of the disease. Day 174 people died, fully recovered 7 752 of the patient. In Moscow revealed 637 new case, it’s more than the day before. In second place on […]

SOLOPHARM organized the production of viscoelastics

SOLOPHARM the company started the production of viscoelastics, solutions, necessary for carrying out surgical interventions on the eyeball. The company noted that SOLOPHARM became the first Russian company that developed technology for the production of viscoelastics based on hyaluronic acid and chondroitin. The viscoelastics serve to maintain the volume of the anterior chamber of the […]

Online trading can provide up to 40% of sales of pharmacy chains

The regime of isolation imposed on the country due to the spread of coronavirus infection, the predicted contributed to the development of online trading over-the-counter medicines. If the Russian Federation will be allowed to deliver prescription medication, the remote sale of medicines can provide up to 40% of the volume of sales of pharmacy chains, […]

In Russia initiated the final phase of testing a vaccine against coronavirus

National research center of Gamaliel and the Ministry of defence proceeded to the final stage of clinical trials of vaccines against coronavirus infection, RIA Novosti reported. The study began on June 18. Nine participants entered a single component of the vaccine, nine the second. Later, on June 23, the vaccine received an additional 20 volunteers, […]

RVC will get 6 billion rubles for co-financing of drug development

The Russian government in several stages will contribute to the capital of the Russian venture company (RVC) 6 billion rubles for co-financing of risks of domestic companies on the development of innovative drugs and medical products. This was stated by Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov during the governmental hour in the Federation Council, […]