On the Russian market cost of the drugs increased by 8-24%

For the year weighted average cost per package of domestic drugs increased by 23.8% to 115 rubles, the price of imported drugs rose 7.5 percent to 381 rubles per pack. This is evidenced by data of DSM Group, which acquainted “Izvestia”. Against the background of increasing the cost of drugs has increased and the revenues […]

RNC Pharma: import of drugs for clinical trials peaked

The total volume of shipments of drugs for clinical investigations (CI) to Russia totaled in the period January-June 2020 12.2 billion rubles. Dynamics of the ruble compared to the same period 2019 reached 49%. Analysts RNC Pharma emphasized that over the past year has grown not only monetary, but also natural imports, dynamics in packages […]

Russia confirmed on 5 482 new cases of coronavirus

In recent days in Russia identified 5 482 new cases of coronavirus infection in 84 regions. 25.5% of patients there are no clinical manifestations of the disease. 24 hours died, 161 people have fully recovered 8 755 patients. In Moscow a day recorded 695 new cases of HIV infection in the Sverdlovsk region and Khanty-Mansi […]

The Ministry of health approved the recommendations for the rehabilitation of patients after COVID-19

The Ministry of health has developed and submitted to the regions temporary methodical recommendations on rehabilitation at COVID-19. The document takes into account the peculiarities of rehabilitation in the provision of specialized medical care for patients with novel coronavirus infection, the routing of patients with COVID-19 on the stages of rehabilitation, particularly rehabilitation of children, […]

The who urged countries to support vaccination against coronavirus COVAX

Support announced of the who programme COVAX increases the probability of reception of an effective vaccine against coronavirus infection. This was stated by the chief researcher who Soumya Swaminathan, noting that the more countries join COVAX, the higher the chance of successful program implementation. COVAX initiative aimed at providing rapid and equal access to vaccines […]

Sobyanin: Moscow has reached the minimum level of the incidence of coronavirus

In Moscow marked a minimum level of daily gain, infected with coronavirus, a further decline in these indicators should not wait, said mayor Sergei Sobyanin. According to him, due to the large number of residents and visitors from other regions, citizens cannot be expected that the incidence will decrease in the capital even more. “We […]

The Prosecutor’s office has made payments of 1.5 billion rubles for health workers

After the intervention of the prosecutors, the doctors could get delayed or assessed incentive payments for work with patients infected with the coronavirus. The total amount of payments received in the Prosecutor’s office, amounted to 1.5 billion rubles. This was discussed at the Board of the Supervisory authority on the performance in the first half […]

The number of cases COVID-19 in the world has exceeded 17 million

The total number of cases of coronavirus infection around the world has exceeded 17 million people. Today was 17 022 877 cases of infection, reports MedicalXpress. Since the beginning of the epidemic 667 011 deaths, 9 948 163 people recovered. Most cases identified in the U.S. – more than 4.4 million cases and more than […]

Approved a plan to improve the quality of palliative care until 2024

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova signed the plan of measures to improve the quality and availability of palliative care until 2024. The document was prepared with the participation of members of the Council under the government of the Russian Federation on issues of guardianship in the social sphere and the popular front, according to the […]

Putin instructed to ensure the production of adequate amount of medicine for coronavirus

Vladimir Putin instructed the government to constantly monitor the reliability of supply of medicines on the domestic market, we are talking in particular about the medicines for the treatment of coronavirus infection. About it writes “the parliamentary newspaper”. “I ask the government to work with domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers to keep monitoring the security of supply […]

Russia confirmed on 5 509 new cases of coronavirus

In recent days in Russia identified 5 509 new cases of coronavirus infection in 84 regions. At 24.7% of patients there are no clinical manifestations of the disease. The day he died 129 people, completely recovered 9 322 of the patient. In Moscow confirmed 678 new cases COVID-19. The number of new cases is 9% […]

The world Bank will send aid to poor countries in the fight against COVID-19

The world Bank has announced the launch of the financial platform to promote the production and supply of medical products in developing countries. The total funding will amount to $ 4 billion, the project aims to assist poor countries in the fight against coronavirus infection, writes Reuters. The funds are intended to Finance projects for […]

This year Russians were vaccinated against new strains of flu

In the coming autumn-winter season, the expected emergence of new strains of influenza virus, of which the population has not previously been vaccinated, said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. She also reported that the CPS first began monitoring and evaluation of the incidence of influenza in Russia in the summer, writes TASS. “The forecast […]

Kodak will manufacture generics for USA

The US government has reached an agreement with Kodak about the production of drugs for the American market. For organization of pharmaceutical production, the company will receive a credit in the amount of 765 million dollars, writes Fortune. It is expected that the production of drugs in the future will amount to 30-40% of the […]

Russian vaccine against coronavirus can enter the market already in mid-August

The vaccine for coronavirus, developed at the National research center. N. F.Gamalei, submitted for examination at the fsbi “Scientific center of expertise of medical application products”. It is expected that it will be registered 10-12 August, an informed source “Interfax”. Five or seven days he took on the test of the vaccine in healthcare. “After […]

Study: tocilizumab was not able to improve the condition of patients with the coronavirus

Roche presented data that in the clinical trial phase III COVACTA not achieved primary endpoint for clinical improvement in hospitalized adult patients with severe pneumonia caused by COVID-19. Secondary endpoints, including differences in mortality in patients in the fourth week, was not reached; however, it was observed a positive trend in reduction of time to […]

In Russia identified 5 475 new cases COVID-19

In recent days in Russia 475 confirmed 5 new cases of coronavirus infection in 84 regions. At 26.8% of patients there are no clinical manifestations. The day was fully recovered 8 116 people died in 169 patients. In Moscow was 671 new infection in the Sverdlovsk region and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug 223 and 173 respectively. […]

AstraZeneca presented new studies of sementina

Detailed results of the research phase III ADAURA showed that the use of sementina as adjuvant therapy in patients with small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) with mutations in the gene for the receptor of epidermal growth factor (EGFRm) in the early stages (IB, II and IIIA) after complete surgical resection of the tumor provided a […]

CPS: antibodies to COVID-19 detected in 20-25% of patients

According to collected statistical data, antibodies to coronavirus infection find in 20-25% of patients, reported in Rospotrebnadzor. Thus the answer to the question, how long will the antibodies and possible re-infection, not yet, RIA Novosti reported. “Antibodies to coronavirus is now one of the most popular tests. Of course, everyone hopes that the result will […]