Vaccination of Russians from the coronavirus could begin in the fall

Immunization of the population of Russia from coronavirus infection can be started already in the autumn of 2020, said the Director of the National research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology them. N. F. Gamalei Of The Ministry Of Health Alexander Ginzburg. However, this process can take up to nine months, writes “Kommersant”. “We hope that […]

Pharmacies in four regions have already applied for remote trade

The Ministry has received applications pharmaceutical organizations from four regions to permit remote trade in drugs. Relevant statements the office received a may 22. “Five pharmaceutical organizations from Moscow and the Sakhalin, Amur and Moscow oblasts filed a health Ministry statement on the implementation of the distance selling of drugs”, – have informed in a […]

The number of cases COVID-19 in Russia reached 353 427

In recent days in Russia revealed 8946 new cases of coronavirus infection in 83 regions. 43,7% of patients there are no clinical manifestations of the disease. Day 92 people died, has fully recovered 5499 patients. In Moscow during the day, the number of newly diagnosed cases amounted to 2560, in Moscow region – 831, and […]

Murashko: the health insurance Fund fully complied with the obligations in 2019

Obligations of the Federal Fund of compulsory medical insurance in 2019, was executed in full, said the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko at the meeting of the Russian government. He added that the Fund’s revenue increased by 12% compared to 2018. “Implementation of the budget of the Federal compulsory medical insurance […]

Started the final stage of KEY favipiravir in patients with COVID-19

RDIF and a group of companies “Chemrar” announced the transition to the final phase multicenter randomized comparative open clinical study of favipiravir patients admitted with COVID-19. The corresponding resolution of the Ministry of health was received on 21 may. In the final part of the study the group of participants will be expanded from 60 […]

14% tested in “in vitro” revealed specific antibodies against coronavirus

At the end of the first week of mass testing for antibodies to the new coronavirus infection of SARS-COV-2 laboratories “in vitro” was defined by the presence of immunoglobulins G 14% tested, indicating the formation of their immune response to COVID-19. In this case only the first four days of analysis for the qualitative determination […]

In Russia 8894 confirmed a new case of coronavirus

A day in Russia revealed 8894 new cases of coronavirus in 84 regions was 150 deaths. From 42.2% of new infected patients, no clinical manifestations of the disease. Just today in Russia revealed 326 448 cases of coronavirus infection. For the entire period died 3249 people have recovered 99 825 patients. In Moscow the day […]

Suburban laboratories shared the results of the PCR tests to determine RNA COVID-19

Today in Russia was 24 test system for the identification of new coronavirus infection COVID-19, and to judge the quality of diagnosis can professionals working directly with the test system. About PCR tests to determine the RNA of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 of “Mediplex” tell those who already use them in their daily practice. The Russian […]

In Europe was the Russian test for detection of coronavirus

Company “Testgen” received the European certificate of conformity CE for a set of reagents for the qualitative detection of RNA of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) by RT-PCR technique in real time “CoV-2-Test.”The existence of this document confirms compliance of a medical device company meet the requirements of the European Union. Earlier, on 15 may, the company received […]

Expert: the presence of CVD causes more severe COVID-19

Hypertension and diabetes were the most frequent concomitant diseases in patients hospitalized for coronavirus infection, said the head of the Department of cardiology SMRC them. Almazov, Svetlana Villevalde at a press event on the launch of the online-test “Measure of the age of your heart!”. As expert said, currently, there are no convincing data about […]

The share of the largest Russian pharmaceutical distributor continues to decline

In the first quarter of 2020 continued reduction in the share of the largest Russian pharmaceutical distributors. The crisis in the market contributed to the increase in the share of only one company – distributor of pharmaceutical products “Irvin 2” significantly increased volume of sales (its share of shipments increased from 1% to 1.8%). “High […]

FAS has sent the government proposals to support the production of cheap drugs

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has prepared and submitted to the government of the Russian Federation proposals on the support of the Russian manufacturers of medicines costing less than 100 rubles, said Deputy head of FAS Andrey tsarikovskiy. “We represent some problem of the Russian manufacturers of cheap drugs, below $ 100. There are many […]

In Russia revealed 8849 new cases of coronavirus

A day in Russia 8849 confirmed new cases of coronavirus infection in 84 regions, 127 people died. Of new cases in 42% of patients there are no clinical manifestations of the disease. A day in Russia has fully recovered 7289 people. Just today in Russia revealed 317 554 case COVID-19. For the entire period recorded […]

“Active ingredient” starts the supply of rapid tests for antibodies to the coronavirus

The company “Active component” in late may started the implementation of rapid tests for antibodies to the coronavirus. The company planned to implement tests by German and Chinese producers certified in the EU. The first volume of supply – 500 thousand tests. According to the “Active component”, supply a test system production company Nal Vonminden […]

The audit chamber will check the adequacy of financing of territorial programs of compulsory medical insurance

On behalf of the Federation Council, the accounts chamber will check the effectiveness and adequacy of financing of territorial programs of obligatory medical insurance (OMS) in the regions. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Galina Izotova. “The crisis has revealed problems and risks, including those associated with insufficient assessment of available resources: technical, financial, […]

Another threat of coronavirus in patients with CVD

Many patients with life-threatening cardiovascular pathologies refuse to be hospitalized in specialized medical institutions for fear of Contracting novel coronavirus infection. The four patients fsbi national medical research center of therapy and preventive medicine, in the queue for the implantation of devices, correcting the rhythm of the heart, died at home during the may holidays, […]