CRPT invested in the service marking medicines for small business

Center of advanced technology development has invested in developing a service that allows you to operate the marking system of drugs through an intuitive interface. Also a new service to its mobile app replaces the 2D scanner, told CRPT. The investment volume was not disclosed The solution is designed for market participants who do not […]

The Ministry of health introduced the hospital admission procedure at COVID-19

The Ministry of health approved the procedure of admission of patients with coronavirus infection depending on severity. Hospitalization to be patients in a state of moderate severity, in severe and critical condition. About it reports TASS. In accordance with the procedure, if the patient with a coronavirus (or suspected coronavirus infection) that can be treated […]

AFK “System” has got a controlling stake in the “Synthesis”

Sistema increased its stake in Kurgan the manufacturer of medicines “Synthesis” to 56.2%, write “Vedomosti”. According to the representative of the Corporation, of shares were repurchased from the minority shareholders. “Synthesis” is one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers of Russia, it produces antibiotics, drugs for the treatment of respiratory diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal […]

Coronavirus as a new challenge system of biological safety of humankind

22 may in an online format hosted the international Symposium “Legal problems of biological security in the Russian Federation”, organized by Moscow state law University named after O. E. Kutafin and the Russian medical Academy of continuing professional education, Ministry of health of Ukraine (RMAPO). In its work took part more than 80 representatives of […]

Russian doctors will be able to improve communication skills with patients

Resource “of Predoctoral” acquired access to online training program on effective health communication Website patient feedback “Predoctoral” provides an opportunity for physicians to pass the free online training from practitioners on the topic of medical communications. The training program consists of 5 training video modules and verification tests, the results of which doctors learn how […]

Multiple sclerosis can be defeated in 10 years

On the eve of the world day of struggle with multiple sclerosis, which is celebrated on may 27, in Russia launched a nationwide project #Iewpoint aimed at raising awareness about multiple sclerosis (MS). Russia is home to about 100 thousand patients suffering from this disease. This figure is called the Head of the Duma Committee […]

From COVID-19 died 101 Russian paramedic

As a result of infection by the coronavirus in Russia died 101 medical worker, said the Director of the Department of public health, communications, and medical expertise of the Ministry of health Lyudmila BB, noting that the data of last Friday. “We requested the subjects to confirm the deceased health workers. Last Friday, the list […]

In Russia 8338 new confirmed cases of coronavirus

In recent days in Russia revealed 8338 new cases of coronavirus in 85 regions. Died 161 the patient was fully recovered 11 079 people. Just today in Russia revealed 370 680 cases of coronavirus, was 3968 deaths, recovered 142 208 In Moscow during the day, it was 2140 new cases of infection. While recovered even […]

“Vector” is planning to launch a KEY vaccine against coronavirus in June

State research center of Virology and biotechnology “Vector” of Rospotrebnadzor plans to begin clinical trials of a vaccine against new coronavirus infection in late June. As told TASS the General Director of the Rinat Maksyutov, for research selected three promising drug. “In accordance with the approved program of the clinical study will begin on 29 […]

NANOLEK and NPK kombiotekh will release the HPV vaccine

NANOLEK and scientific-production company KOMBIOTEKH announced the partnership on domestic production 4-valent vaccine against human papillomavirus (HPV) 4 types (6, 11, 16, 18). Investment in the project will amount to about 1.8 billion rubles. The vaccine will be produced in full cycle production capacities NANOLEK in the Kirov region in full compliance with GMP standards […]

The Russian government intends to create a reserve of medicines and masks

To avoid shortages and price speculation during outbreaks, and surges in demand, the Russian government intends to create an industrial supply of masks, antiseptics, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Write about this “Izvestia” with reference to the materials of the Ministry of health sent to the state Duma. We are talking about industrial stock of personal […]

In Russia can to nullify the customs duties on imported ASF

The Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov has agreed to discuss the issue of eliminating customs duties for imported pharmaceutical substances. The Minister said during a joint online meetings with deputies of the faction in anticipation of the government hour in the state Duma, reports TASS. “Let’s see. Theme support pharmacy, will obviously be the […]

In Russia confirmed 8915 new cases COVID-19

In recent days in Russia revealed 8915 new cases of coronavirus in 83 regions. Recorded 174 fatal outcome, completely recovered, 12 of 331. Just today in Russia revealed 362 342 cases of coronavirus. For the entire period recorded 3807 deaths, recovered 131 129 people. Importantly, in Moscow for the day from the coronavirus recovered a […]

In Moscow brought together the world’s largest database of CT studies at COVID-19

Researchers at the Center for diagnostics and telemedicine of the Moscow Department of health, formed the world’s largest database of CT studies of the chest patients with signs COVID-19. The database contains thousands of fully anonymised sets of computer tomograms. The dataset used for developing different services based on artificial intelligence (AI), said Deputy Moscow […]

Ivanovo “EVTEKS” received a loan of FRP for the production of sterile wipes

The industry development Fund (PDF) has provided concessional loan of the company “EVTEKS” for the organization of production of sterile wipes and operating sets of non-woven material. The total budget of the project is 54 million rubles, of which 16.2 million rubles can be provided FER in the form of preferential loan, and 6.9 million […]

The marking system successfully tested under load

The labelling system of medicinal drugs have been successfully tested under loads 10 times higher than the turnover of the market of medicines. Testing was conducted on may 20-21, continuously for over 28 hours in real time. Federal state information system (FGIS MDLP) showed stability even under peak loads, which can be caused by a […]