Russian vaccine against coronavirus will go into circulation on 1 January 2021

Developed by the center of Gamaliel vaccine against coronavirus infection was registered by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. The planned delivery of the drug into circulation on 1 January 2021, reports TASS. Earlier, the Association of clinical research (AOKI) said about the need to postpone state registration of domestic vaccines against coronavirus […]

Named manufacturer of the first domestic vaccine for COVID-19

The vaccine, developed by the “NICAM them.F. Gamalei” was registered by the Ministry of health. The only platform for vaccine production in Russia, in addition to NICAM, will be a pharmaceutical plant, Binnopharm in Zelenograd. Mass production of the vaccine is planned to start by the end of 2020. “NICAM them.F. Gamalei” one of the […]

Roche has failed to prove the effectiveness of atropisomers in the treatment of ulcerative colitis

Roche received inconclusive test results, medication against ulcerative colitis atropisomers (etrolizumab) in patients with moderately severe and severe form of the disease. About it writes Reuters. The company explained that in both studies, the effect of atropisomers as a maintenance therapy. As evidenced by the obtained data, the drug use has no statistically significant effectiveness […]

Working with COVID-19 workers provided pension benefits

The Russian government has approved a special procedure for calculating the working time of health workers that are treating patients with coronavirus infection. This was stated by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at the meeting of the coordination Council for combating coronavirus. “One day care for patients in the service would count as two working days. […]

Takeda has completed a merger with Shire in Russia

Company Takeda announced the completion of the legal process of the merger with Shire in Russia and the reorganization of the Russian legal entity LLC “Shaer biotech Rus” in the form of joining to “Takeda pharmaceuticals”. The company also outlined plans to bring to the Russian market more than 10 new drugs for 5 years. […]

In the United States was the Roche drug for the treatment of spinal muscular atrophy

Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines USA (FDA) approved the use of rosdiplom (Afridi®) for the treatment of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) in adults and children aged 2 months. The drug demonstrated clinically significant improvements of motor function in two studies involving patients of different ages and with different severity of […]

The agreement of the American authorities with Kodak suspended

The implementation of the agreement of the US government on a loan in the amount of 765 million dollars to Kodak for production of generic drugs is suspended, reports Reuters. The Corporation of financing for international development (DFC) explained that this is due to the recent allegations of the company’s management in wrongdoing. Earlier, the […]

Pfizer and Hikma will manufacture ramdevpir

British Hikma announced the start of production of ramdevpir of Gilead, which is currently used for the treatment of patients with COVID-19. A similar agreement for the production of antiretroviral drug Gilead has entered into with Pfizer, writes Reuters. Ramdevpir is one of two drugs that have confirmed efficacy in the treatment of coronavirus infection […]

RNC Pharma: the Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers set an absolute record

The total volume of pharmaceutical production in January-June 2020 reached 232 billion rubles, rate of growth compared to the same period 2019 to 24%, according to the RNC Pharma. Natural dynamics are somewhat more modest: 18.3% packages just for the first half of the domestic companies shipped 2.45 billion packings of medicines. The increase in […]

In Russia identified 5 241 new case COVID-19

In recent days in Russia identified 5 241 new case of coronavirus in 84 regions. 27.1% no clinical manifestations of the disease. Day 119 deaths, fully recovered 7 235 patients. In Moscow confirmed 686 new cases of infection with coronavirus infection. The average growth rate of new cases in the last week negative. The average […]

FMBA of Russia has received a patent for the drug from COVID-19

Rospatent granted a patent for the drug latrygin developed by researchers of SCIENCE “Science center of biomedical technologies” of FMBA of Russia for treatment and prevention of cytokine storm – a dangerous complications of coronavirus infection. A “Hexapeptide Tyr-D-Ala-Gly-Phe-Leu-Arg is a fully domestic development. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it in no way […]

AstraZeneca first agreed with a Chinese company to manufacture the vaccine from COVID-19

The Chinese company Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products to produce candidate vaccines against coronavirus development of AstraZeneca. This is the first deal for the sale of the vaccine from COVID-19 in China, writes Reuters. According to the agreement, Shenzhen Kangtai, one of the leading manufacturers of vaccines in China, by the end of the year will […]

Russians older than 40 years received another day off

On August 11, comes into force a law according to which Russian citizens over the age of 40 are eligible for an additional paid day off for passing the examination. Take advantage of the weekends will be once a year, while the employee will remain average wages and the workplace. Prior to the law all […]

C 2021 will be possible to free vaccination in private clinics

The opportunity to receive free vaccination at a private medical facility may receive from the residents of Russia starting from 1 January 2021. This should be submitted to the state Duma amendments for the second reading of the bill, which amends the law “About immunoprofilaktike infectious diseases”, writes TASS. The author of the amendments were […]

The Ministry intends to change the composition of the stacking of ambulances

The Ministry of health of Russia has prepared a draft order to change the composition of a set for the provision of emergency medical care. In particular, there is proposed to include anti-inflammatory drug Ketoprofen and the antibiotic Ceftriaxone, writes “the parliamentary newspaper”. The Ministry explained that the document was developed “on the basis of […]

Marking system helped the health Ministry to reveal the pharmacy of counterfeit drugs

The cargo seized from a Moscow pharmacies counterfeit medicines, the illicit origin of which is established by the system of marking medicines. “The territorial body Roszdravnadzora across Moscow and Moscow region carried out a test purchase in relation to pharmacy “LLC “Evrofarm”. In the course of Supervisory activities is fixed the fact of sale of […]

In Russia confirmed 5 267 new cases COVID-19

In recent days in Russia 5 identified 267 new cases of coronavirus in 85 regions. At 26.2% of patients there are no clinical manifestations of the disease. One day, the death of 116 people, fully recovered 7 331 patient. In Moscow confirmed 684 new cases of infection with coronavirus. The average number of cases for […]