The expert group was asked to eliminate the shortage of PPE for health care workers

The expert group, which included doctors, medical experts and leaders of charities, appealed to Vitu Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova and Minister of health Michael Murashko with a request to take urgent measures due to the shortage of PPE for health workers. The problem is important to solve until the second wave of coronavirus, says RBC. […]

The defense Ministry has selected volunteers for the study vaccine COVID-19

The Ministry of defense of Russia have completed the selection of volunteers for clinical trials of this vaccine against new coronavirus infection. It’s 50 soldiers, including five women, told the Agency. All candidates passed the preliminary screening, and testing throughout the month they didn’t have any diseases. The clinical trial participants were selected from different […]

Putin instructed to resume provision of routine medical care

The Russian President instructed the Ministry to resume provision of routine care at the Federal and regional hospitals and polyclinics, informs RIA Novosti. On the work of the Department will report by 20 June. The head of the government Mikhail Mishustin also instructed the health Ministry to take under special control of the recovery planning […]

Pharmaceutical companies proposed to abolish the principle of “the third wheel”

International pharmaceutical companies called for the abolition of the principle of “third wheel” in public procurement of medicines for treatment of socially significant diseases, writes “Kommersant”. Earlier, the government proposed to abolish this approach when gostorg for a list of drugs bought under trade names, but according to the companies, this is a formal solution […]

Spbniivs will Fund research of a vaccine against Haemophilus influenzae

Saint-Petersburg Institute of vaccines and serums FMBA Russia (Spbniivs) will be spent 97 million rubles for the conduct of clinical trials of vaccines to prevent infections caused by Haemophilus influenzae. “The organization and conduct of efficacy and safety of vaccines for prevention of Haemophilus influenzae Baby-Hib, lyophilisate for solution preparation for intramuscular injection, 0.5 ml […]

Roszdravnadzor and CRPT will spend a week testing the system labeling drugs

In connection with the introduction of mandatory labelling of medicinal products from 1 July 2020, the operator of the marking system – CRPT – together with the health Ministry tests readiness of market participants for work with marked drugs. It will be held from 1 to 11 June among more than 300 representatives of distributors, […]

In Russia, only identified 414 878 cases of coronavirus

In recent days in Russia confirmed on 9 035 new cases of coronavirus in 84 regions recorded 162 fatal. 40% of new patients with COVID-19 there are no clinical manifestations of the disease. In Moscow the day revealed 2297 infections, in the Moscow region – 728, and in St. Petersburg 364. Just today in Russia […]

In Russia was the first drug for the treatment COVID-19

The company “Chromis”, resident of the biomedical technologies Cluster of the SKOLKOVO Foundation, received a registration certificate of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation on drug favipiravir. This is the first Russian antivirus preparation of direct actions that violate the mechanisms of reproduction of coronavirus, the report said SKOLKOVO. Research favipiravir confirmed that the […]

FDA approved contrast agent for the detection of accumulations of the Tau protein

Us regulators approved the use of radioactive compounds, developed by Eli Lilly, for detection of the Tau protein, increased level of which indicates the development of Alzheimer’s disease. New contrast agents are pertusier F18 (flortaucipir F18) are administered to patients intravenously before performing positron emission tomography of the brain. Development Eli Lilly became the first […]

Director division of vaccines Sanofi will become a Director of Ipsen

From 1 July 2020 David Lowe (David Loew) will take the position of Executive Director of the company Ipsen, leaving for the position of head of Department of development of vaccines of Sanofi. A statement about the new appointment was made at a critical time for Sanofi, engaged in the development of two vaccines against […]

India resumed exports of paracetamol

The government of India lifted the ban on the export of active pharmaceutical substances of paracetamol. Last month, India has allowed the export of finished drugs of paracetamol, however, the export of AFS anaesthetic was still banned, writes Reuters. In March, India due to the spread of coronavirus infection has banned the export of 26 […]

Mail of Russia has begun delivery of medicines

Mail of Russia has forbidden the import of medicines and other pharmaceutical goods. It is planned before the end of the year to cover more than 9,000 pharmacies, this Mail of Russia plans to build partnership with sectoral platforms, aggregators and specialized marketplaces, which pharmacies accept orders from manufacturers of pharmaceutical goods. Russian Post noted […]

In Russia, found 8 572 new cases COVID-19

Over the past day in Russia, found 8 572 new cases of coronavirus in 84 regions. During this period, 232 people died, recovered 8 264 patients. Just today in Russia revealed 387 623 cases of coronavirus. For the entire period recorded 4 374 fatalities, recovered 159 257 people. In Moscow for the day was confirmed […]

Rural health posts may be allowed to sell drugs

The state Duma will consider a bill allowing employees of FAP in urban areas where there are no pharmacies, to conduct pharmaceutical activities. About it writes “the parliamentary newspaper”. The document was developed by the Arkhangelsk regional Assembly of deputies. The authors of the bill note that the region is extremely relevant to the issue […]

RNC Pharma has published the rating of pharmacy chains of Russia in the first quarter

Pharmaceutical market has enjoyed robust March, but now seriously prepared to drop in demand, eventually to the end of the year, even in the most optimistic scenario it is unlikely the dynamics of the retail segment will go beyond stagnation, analysts said RNC Pharma. Now consumption curve is noticeably lower than the standard seasonal performance […]

Moscow’s first pharmacies received permission to remote trade

Roszdravnadzor in Moscow and Moscow region issued the first permit for the retail sale of medicines remotely. Permission received three large pharmacy chains – “Erkafarm”, “Samson-Pharma”, “pharmaceutical network 03”, the Ministry reported. The Ministry accepts documents for obtaining a permit for distance selling of medicines since may 22. To be eligible for distance sales and […]

In Russia 8371 confirmed a new case of coronavirus

In recent days in Russia revealed 8371 new case coronavirus infection in 85 regions. In 42.5% of patients with first confirmed diagnosis there are no clinical manifestations of the disease. The day he died, 174 recovered 8785 people. In Moscow, it was confirmed 2054 case COVID-19, in the Moscow region 774 and in St. Petersburg […]

“R-Pharm” will conduct studies of radotina therapy COVID-19

The group of companies “R-Pharm” has received permission to conduct clinical studies of the drug radotin, the purpose of which will be to study its effectiveness in the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection. The project is implemented in partnership with Korean pharmaceutical company Il-Yang Pharmaceuticals. 2015, the company Il-Yang Pharmaceuticals has filed a patent […]