McDonald’s I Foundation House Ronald McDonald gave 1 million UAH ditcham lorny

McDonald’s in Ukraine by passing 1 million UAH at the Foundation House Ronald McDonald on consumer Lorene, de purebeauty children COVID s-19. Adresno relief ottima dvadtsyat one dityacha Lorna in Ukraine.

Minus the rocky Cerwin McDonalds tradicine after seeing Blagodyr campaign “Golonka Happiness” dwellers spati finansowo relief th peredati Fundac Dim Ronald McDonald, Yak DOPOMOGA dad I DTM bootie time lornah. Tsogo rock, sugauchi to those scho restorani secret for vdduv, program “Golonka Happiness” to responese later, ale McDonald’s zaprosu vsih delocalise to Zborov koshtiv for relief lorny have yakih purebeauty children COVID s-19. To do blagodijnij of vnesok duzhe just through the website Fundaz. TSI koshti, on godaco to vzhe as quickly as possible of 1 mlion UAH will spreman on cuplu zasobu Zahist.

“Mi Domagala communities have yakih precum: McDonald’s patrimo a Foundation House Ronald McDonald vzhe p’yat rokiv, I for Tsey hour we have transferred UAH 35 mllions on rozvytok smano area medicine, zavdyaki chomu applied mozhut perebesti s dtime pid hour treatment. Tsogo once mi versile dodatkovo pojertvovat money on consumer Lorene have yakih lcourse children s diagnosis COVID-19. Mi poetapno vihodim s quarantine, ale shte not coronavirus vastupal, and we need pam remembered, scho shte all ye people, yaki potrebuyut Nacho relief”, — rozpovid about Blagodyr relief General directory McDonald’s Yuliya Badrtdinova.

Foundation House Ronald McDonald in Ukraine W 2016 roku pratsyuє over wprowadzony principu smano area medicine, dopomogi dad Buti charging from svoi dtime pid hour trivago treatment. Z zu Mehta Foundation budu sman cmnty, de story comfort umove for dwellers farther could Deposite, vdevice Seeley prelite hour spilkuvannya I the game z dainow in atmosferi, Yak not nagalamadike about treatment.

“Mi znamo, Yak it’s important Patrimoine odne in one scrut chasi, I duzhe rag scho in us je Taka mozliwosci. Foundation House Ronald McDonald vzhe transferred sumarno hope 1000 zahisni Noboru for lcars have n yati lornah, de pratsyuyut Nashi sman cmnty. Zavdyaki dodatkowy Bogert compan McDonalds mi zmozhemo patronati medicin get practical on all country. Schiro Rado scho can Buti korisnim for our lcars have borotbi s pandemy”, — comentou producing materialno help directory Fundac Galina Solovey.

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