“Maybe it will change”: Thank Kaminska openly spoke about the shortcomings of her ex-husband and his new lover

It seems that the Glory and Edgar Kaminskie even after the divorce has managed to maintain warm and friendly relations. About the same as the situation between them actually, the singer openly spoke live with Olya Polyakova. In particular, Thank admitted that they with the ex-spouse trying to maintain a good relationship for the kids.

“These children have still other parents will not, so we have to somehow find a common language,” she said.

In addition, the star answered the question Ollie on how it relates to the new love of Edgar and wants to “tear her eyes out”. “She already chose my husband. No, he’s a good guy. But for women need some other masculine qualities. Maybe it will change, but I think not. I personally didn’t like the fact that he was touching other women, and I was carrying groceries from the store, or my ex-husband,” said Kaminska.


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