Matteis DE LIGT: “up To 15 years I was an attacking midfielder”

Central defender, Juventus of Mattijs de Ligt told about the beginning of his career.

Career you started in Ajax, game which was sharpened by the attack. What is it like to be a team defender?
Seriously. To this difficult to get used to, because you often end up with the striker of the opponent one on one. In Italy teams like to detach more guardians for one striker, so the situation is different. But I think it made me the advocate that I am today. I’m not afraid to act the same, keep a high line of defense. All this I learned in school “the Ajax”.
Is it true that in the youth teams of Ajax you’ve played in different positions to improve technical skills?
Yes, it’s true. About 15 years I was an attacking midfielder. Played a lot in the middle, scoring, distributed scoring, and then I was suddenly told that my career would be better to fall on one line, in the centre of defence. At first I didn’t like to be a defender. Now I begin to understand that the experience of playing in the midfield helps. So I am very happy that had the opportunity to develop in different directions.

– How important are these skills now, when you play for Juventus?
– Is very important. Of course, Juventus are a top side in Italy. He always tries to attack and win. It is important to be able to start attacks from the back, to show courage and desire to play. And, of course, to do this you must have good technique, said de Ligt.

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