Masks with copper ions to destroy 99.9% of the particles of the coronavirus

British scientists have discovered a cheap and practical means for the prevention of infection with coronavirus. They drew a parallel between anti-odor for athletes and viral nature COVID-19. It turned out that to defeat the virus just a little bit of copper.

British Copper Clothing startup engaged in the development and production of fabrics and ready garments, sports wear and underwear, which has a built-in protection against odor. She uses the antibacterial properties of copper, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms. This effect is known since ancient times as tableware, medical instruments and even the door handles made of copper alloys are not involved in the transfer of pathogenic organisms, because they die before you can move to a live host.

Germs feed on sweat and bad smell as a result of their activity. Clothing impregnated with copper ions kills germs and removes odor. And if you do the opposite and focus on the elimination of hazardous living environment? Experiments showed that the copper barrier and successfully destroy COVID-19 – moreover, Copper Clothing say that their new fabric with copper ions kills 99.9 % of all the falling on it of microorganisms.

The process takes time, about several hours, at least two, but documented cases of the coronavirus in the tissue was eliminated in just 60 seconds. Hence the concept of new weapons – adding to facial mask copper layer. It will cost very cheap and can destroy all the particles of the coronavirus, which infected person exhales. Thus, the carrier of the disease is much less contagious, which greatly helps in the fight against COVID-19.

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