Martha KOSTIUK: “Zaraz vzhe better know chogo I want I I scho mozhu”

28 June Mart Kostyuk viponds 18 years. Although sviy to dosit Junius Vik, one s naybilsh perspektivnih tensilock Ukraine vzhe experienced zloty ), – padne. Wide total March became domou on the cob 2017 rock, if vigrala Vgcreate championship Austral to unorka resrad, although sprain fanati tensu knew about me nabagato as.

From 2018 year 15-RCNA Kostyuk Ukrainian Prime sacuvala wibault, dishouse to the third stake already doroslovo Australian Open, de – supine lachey Elsa Swoln. Dali was a difficult adaptation to doroslovo WTA tour, Yak triva I do. Now won Saima 141 at stroke swetoha rating, record – 116-a position.

In the dead of tsogo rock Mar dopomogli zbirni Ukraine podolati zonalny vdbr Federation Cup, after chogo vigrala Turner ITF Car oboh in rozrada I Shrila on Turner WTA LON. About TSE I troch bilshe mi talked over be called a few more days to a pownall.

About those Yak proykov quarantine

“Quarantine held dostatno active, not mozhu skazati, scho sumual, not Chi Bulo Chim sinatica. Neswick Bulo tilki those scho ncadi not Podoroga, ncode not vyhodja: hi in no, hi on song. The day taqiy: trenovane – dim, trenovane – dim. The home also tenualosa, bgala in Ls. Nkoli grala on private Cort, but not often.

If ale vzhe oftin allowed play in tens, then dosit bagato hour spent on chart”.

About Turner in Ben

Vzhe after quarantine Mar became paramonia UTF Turnu Ladies Invitational, which organsare tens Federation of Ukraine.

“Duzhe spodobalosya, that’s a cool setting, although I don’t Bulo gledaju in the stands. If you honestly, then TSE navti troch dopomogli. That scho the home usually vaiko grati, especially if a large number of gledaju in the stands.

So vyshlo scho in may group not Bulo tensilock iz high rating, Nili CCB at Marandi of Zakarlyuk (WTA 466). Match Buli neleg, but I h small of bigravity. Pufal s Dasha Lopatetska not vdbase, that scho won salasa, and final I znovu sostres s Marianne”.

About nastavni vidpochinok in the Carpathians

“Sznaucer scho in the Carpathians, I vpershe Bula in it, Yak bi TSE marvelous sounds. Unreal Brazil beauty Nacho of the country. Navti tak Bulo, scho I sidle s phone I need meni Bulo of Comus pozvonite in Ukraine, and I thought, “how am I going comuse of zvoniti, I’m on rommo”. Tak Buli vdott.

Vpershe pansarasa at the end of vpershe rode horses, I posibility nawt have stigla – axis of such an active CCB vidpochinok.

Schodo pdiau Hoverla, you rozdollia on TV a groupie: I s mother psla “sinm” route, that more short, but Kruty. Nashi znaim psli on “green”. Mi disli here at times as I navti down, dwellers dopomogty him. Ale TSE rsena viyavilos false, based Bulo duzhe vazhko. In total Villa supercrete fichna pagacova, Bo mi Panelist for 2 years”.


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