Marian Swede is not going to get a medal, three cities host Euro 2020 in question

Your attention is a compilation of key news and materials on on Monday, the 18th of may.

1. Marian Swede is not going to get a medal for the title Celtic. Not played enough matches.

2. Three cities host Euro 2020 in question. UEFA postponed the meeting of the Executive Committee. Rome, Bilbao and Amsterdam do not confirmed its willingness to host the Championships.

3. Arsenal is preparing a 22 million pounds for the ex-striker of Dawn. Dennis Bonaventure could soon become a player, “gunners”.

4. KONOPLYANKA: “the Matches of Dnipro and Metalist – it was not a game but a massacre”. Midfielder “Shakhtar” remember how played Dnipro.

5. ZHURAVLEV: “Mustache just decided prikolchiki to do, but was waiting for this call”. Ukrainian kickboxer requests to keep the Mustache where it doesn’t belong.

6. KARAVAYEV: “I admire Boxing, when you look at the Mustache and Lomachenko”. The football player of Kiev “Dinamo” realized that Boxing is an art, like football.

7. 10 most expensive Ukrainian football players by the total amount of transfers. represents the rating of Ukrainian players actually paid for them the sum.

8. Lomachenko and Usyk, I’m ready for you to fight. Explorer Valery Vasilenko wrote an open letter to the Ukrainian boxers.

9. Wife Fonseca: “Before I met Paulo was the head of the press service of Akhmetov”. Wife of the former coach of “Shakhtar” told about life in Rome.

10. Utkin — Selyuk: “Invite Surkis to put on the bench the body of Lobanovsky”. Russian commentator shared his thoughts on Semin’s departure from the post of coach of “Locomotive”.

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