Manchester City – Arsenal – 3:0. LIVE

The English Premier League. 28-th round

Manchester City – Arsenal – 3:0

Sterling (45+1), de bruyne (50, pen), Foden (90+1)

Rodri (78) – Tierney (75)

Louis (49)

Manchester city: Ederson – Walker, Garcia, Laporte (rodri, 70), Mendy – Silva (Bernard 65), Gundogan, de bruyne (Fernandinho, 70) – Mahrez (Foden, 65), BOM Jesus (Aguero, 80), sterling

Arsenal: Leno – Bellerin, Marie (Louis, 22), Mustafi, Tierney – Xhaka (Ceballos, 7), Guendouzi (Mating Niles, 67), Nketia (Lacazette, 67), Willock (Nelson, 67), Sak – Aubameyang

Referee: Anthony Taylor

Stadium: Etihad


98 minutes Dangerous! Bellerin on the right burst into the penalty area and shot in the direction of the Forward, which is not allowed to penetrate close to Gundogan.

95 min. Time! In the counterattack Foden gave the pass with the speed of Aguero, he burst into the penalty area and shot into the net from the outside.

93 mins Completely natural outcome of the match, Arsenal is too weak to withstand today’s city.

 91 min GOAL! In the counterattack, sterling brought Aguero on a date with Leno, the Argentinian struck the post but the rebound was Foden, sent the ball under the crossbar.

90 min 11 min compensated by the arbitrator.

88 min.Only now Unistat with field Garcia.

84 mins Prolonged pause, long assist Garcia. Surely, he will not be able to finish the match after such a collision.

82 min Ederson, interrupting a long pass Leno, ran beyond the penalty area, where it crashed into a teammate. pause in the game.

 80 min. Replacement of the owners. Instead Jesus out Aguero.

 78 min. Rodri fouled on the half of the opponent, disrupt the counter-attack Arsenal.

76 mins Dangerous! Sterling unexpectedly from a free kick drove the ball into the path of Gundogan, whose shot from outside the penalty reflected Leno.

 75 min. Tierney played roughly against Gundogan 25 metres in front of my gate..

73 minutes and do Not quite understand the reason for the pause in the game, send the players to drink water.

71 min. There remains a small chance that more will enter the field Zinchenko, there is another sub for the hosts.

 70 min Replacement in the city. Instead of Laporta and de bruyne came rodri and Fernandinho.

68 mins Time! De bruyne after discount Sterling from a ten-meter-touch shot into the bottom corner, but Leno came to the rescue, parrying the ball away for a corner.

 67 min: Triple substitution in the Arsenal. Instead Guendouzi, Nketia and Willoch came Maitland-Niles, Lacazette t Nelson.

 65 min. Replacement in the city. Bernard and Foden came on for Silva and Mareza.

64 mins relaxed game, city is in no hurry to kill the opponent.

62 min: De bruyne was involved in performing a very inaccurate pass into the penalty area.

60 minutes warming up San, who due to injury haven’t played in the championship this season. We will remind, San close to moving to Bayern

59 min. well Jesus kissed the ball from outside the penalty area but struck the ball straight into the hands of Leno.

57 min: De bruyne on the right burst into the penalty area, but to make an accurate pass failed.

55 min. In a very difficult situation for the gunners, they are close to the first defeat in the championship this year.

53 min. looks Like Mustafi will continue the game. Lame German returned to the field.

52 min. , No luck today with the defenders Arsenal! Now Mustafi got injured, pause the game.

 50 mins GOAL! De bruyne penalty easily beat Leno, punched in left from the goalkeeper the bottom corner.

49 min. A red Louis! So as a substitute.

48 min PENALTY! And again Louis brings. Burst into the penalty area Mahrez, where he overwhelmed the Brazilian.

46 min. Again a leisurely start to the half, homogeneisation the ball on the opponent’s field.




45+1 min GOAL! De bruyne vertical transmission from the sideline brought the field into the penalty area of Sterling, with extremely unsuccessfully played failed to intercept the ball Louis, after which Rahim cannon shot from the corner of the penalty area hammered the sphere into the top corner.

45 minutes.3 minutes compensated by the arbitrator.

43 min. and Finally the gunners went on the attack and earned a free-kick on the half of the opponent, but after a pass and the ball flew out of bounds.

41 min Arsenal are Trying a little to hold the ball in their half and shoot down the attacking rush city.

39 min. moment by Moment from the owners! De bruyne again in a thin transmission viel the penalty area to Sterling, but Raheem from close range struck the crossbar.

37 min. And again Leno saves! De bruyne gives excellent transmission in straphow on the Mareza, but the close combat failed to beat the goalkeeper.

35 min. And this is the time! Sterling fine pass brought the shock position Jesus which corner the goalie punched into the far corner, but again played Leno.

34 min. Dangerous! Sterling in his style left burst into the penalty area and struck towards the far corner, but Leno turned the ball away for a corner.

32 min. Garcia is clearly hands down on a lawn Nketia near the penalty area, but Taylor why-that ignored the episode.

30 min. a third of the match behind the hosts get the ball a lot more often the opponent, but Leno comes into play very rarely.

28 min.the impression that the opponents even before they enter the field agreed on a draw. No the game is not exacerbated, virtually no martial arts.

26 min. The second match takes place today in England, and of goals yet.

24 min. Rest goalkeepers, Aubameyang from distance struck much higher purpose.

22 min. Substitution in the Arsenal. Marie is out Louis.

21 min. Planned another forced substitution in the Arsenal. Marie now sits on the lawn, and Louis is already preparing to enter the game.

20 min. is Dangerous! Walker almost seamlessly passed to the side of the goal line, but passed the ball to the foot of the opponent.

19 min. , a Large force moved to the citizens on the opponent’s field, but the active action is taken.

17 min. will not hurry the players of both teams, as if is a friendly match.

15 minutes has Earned the right to a corner on the left flank, but the canopy Nketia was not dangerous.

13 mins At a low pace the game is played. Obviously, that affects the players of the home team lack of motivation.

11 min. While with the advantage of city passes a game, sterling on the left burst into the penalty area, but the accurate transmission failed.

9 min. is Dangerous! After a pass from de bruyne corner mark ball hit by the Mareza, but the latter’s shot across the goal.

7 min. to Replace in the Arsenal. Instead Jake came Ceballos.

6 min. And is already preparing the first replacement. Apparently, xhaka will not continue the game.

5 min. First in the game pause, got injured, someone from the players of Arsenal and long lying on the lawn.

4 minutes is Dangerous! De bruyne’s free-kick under the crossbar, but played Leno, moving the ball to the corner.

3 minutes And already the first attack of the hosts leads to a dangerous penalty, Marie ran into Sterling on the edge of the box.

1 minutes of Torrential rain in Manchester, which certainly will affect the play of the teams practicing skilful, attacking football.



On Wednesday, the 17th of June will be the match of the 28th round of the championship of England, in which will meet “Manchester city” and “Arsenal”. The meeting will be held in Manchester at the Etihad stadium, beginning at 22.15 Moscow time.

Head coach of “Arsenal” Mikel Arteta back in the beginning of this season worked at man city, PEP Guardiola’s assistant, so the confrontation between teacher and student is probably the main highlight of the match. “Citizens” in the rest of the championship will play virtually no tournament motivation, Champions they will not be, in the top four is almost guaranteed, also do not forget about the sanctions from UEFA. Arsenal have to be very motivated Arsenal this year have never lost, and three consecutive wins brought the team to the Champions League where Arsenal haven’t played in three years. In the first match “Manchester city” on a visit crushed “the gunners”, scoring three unanswered goals in the first half. will text broadcast of the match Manchester city – Arsenal.


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