Mail of Russia has begun delivery of medicines

Mail of Russia has forbidden the import of medicines and other pharmaceutical goods. It is planned before the end of the year to cover more than 9,000 pharmacies, this Mail of Russia plans to build partnership with sectoral platforms, aggregators and specialized marketplaces, which pharmacies accept orders from manufacturers of pharmaceutical goods.

Russian Post noted that now we are talking about delivery to the pharmacy. In the future the company is considering the function of contact-free courier delivery of medications from the pharmacy to the end customer.

Implementation strategy direction involves three stages. The first phase of testing logistics to pharmacies on goods not requiring special conditions of storage and transportation. Already delivered medical products, sanitary and protective equipment is shipped from the warehouse of the producers of 108 pharmacies in 38 settlements of the regions of Ural, Siberia and North-Western Federal district. In total, this phase is planned to include no more than 200 pharmacies.

The second phase involves the expansion of the range with the ability to carry more complex products that require licensing. The third stage is the development of the service for pharmacies in the field of retail logistics for drug delivery to end customers.

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