Luxury life of Lionel Messi

The long-term leader of “Barcelona” and one of the best players in the history of the world Lionel Messi have long been accustomed to exist in their own, understandable only to him and worthy only of him, of the universe. However, this statement is valid not only for the events occurring on the football field, but also for everyday life Leo. Today, in a period when Messi cannot be seen in the pandemic of coronavirus, the social network of the Argentinian no longer abound photo with the green of the lawn, filled with shots of a private life, it is understandable, because according to some analysts, more than half of the world’s population now in varying degrees, to comply with the quarantine and almost never leave homes.

Actually, with the inability to discuss the next football exploits of Messi, let’s look a little into it, so to speak, daily. Where he lives Lionel, on which the car moves, what kind of equipment uses, etc. it is Logical that having more than a decent income, the Argentinian can afford and your family all the best.

According to the latest Forbes experts, in 2019, Lionel Messi has earned 127 million dollars. At the same time, the state of the Argentine, which he made in the last 10 years, according to the same source, is $ 750 million, which puts Leo in third place among the world’s athletes. Above Messi in the rankings was only the eternal opponent of the Argentinian Cristiano Ronaldo ($800 million) and boxer Floyd Mayweather (915 million).

However, to earn decent money Messi started long before 2010. In particular, in 2009, he was rumored to have spent around 6 million euros for the acquisition of real estate – private mansion in the prestigious suburb of Barcelona Bellamare. The house offers stunning views of the mountains and coast of the Mediterranean sea, making it a truly fabulous place to create a “family nest”.

Mansion Messi is at several large terraces and a huge panoramic window making the review of it is incredibly broad. In the home and in the neighborhood there are fitness room, swimming pool and Playground, where you can hone your skills of handling the ball at any time of the day. Actually, real fans of Messi repeatedly see in the Instagram player like on this site, the Argentinian sports with the children and her beloved French Mastiff.

Journalists from different countries have repeatedly tried to get closer to the home of Messi to observe the private life of the idol of millions. Someone did it, someone-no, but we won’t delve into detail, but simply stating that the mansion is Leo really is a stunning place to live.

Interestingly, the value of the home six times less than the cost of the most expensive car in the collection of Lionel. In 2016, the Argentinian has paid 32 million euros, winning the auction for the purchase of a Ferrari 335 S Scaglietti Spider production in 1957. The starting price for the auction was $ 20 million, but in the process it was increased by more than half. Interestingly, one of the rivals Messi in the auction, according to rumors, there was… Cristiano Ronaldo! But in this case, the Argentine has managed to “outdo” his main opponent in football.

In addition to this, really rare model in the garage, Messi has at least another six worthy of the “iron horses”. This Ferrari F Spider 4430 (at a cost of 280 thousand euros), the Audi R8 (220 thousand euros), Maserati Granturismo (210 thousand euros), Audi Q7 (90 thousand Euro), Lexus LX 570 (66 thousand euros) and Dodge Charger SRT8 (26 thousand euros).

At the end of 2018, Lionel Messi decided to treat myself another personal vehicle, buying luxurious 16-seater aircraft, which has cost the Argentine 13 million euros. On Board the aircraft there is all necessary for comfortable pastime, and even a little more. In particular, the Gulfstream V (model 2004) is equipped with two powder rooms, two kitchens, and is also equipped with 16 comfortable passenger seats, which are easy transformirovalsya 8 beds.

On the tail of the aircraft marked with a number 10 under which Messi plays for Barcelona and the Argentina national team. But on the steps of the ladder, according to the wishes of Messi and his wife, written the names of all members of the family of Lionel. The aircraft is the leader of “Barcelona” was specially purchased to make as comfortable as possible to carry out flights from Spain to his native Argentina, as well as for other travel, which makes Messi and his relatives.

In the spring of last year Lionel decided to treat myself personally buying cell phone iPhone XSMax for 1200 euros. However, by itself this amount is not looks, compared to other expenses Messi, fantastic and attracts attention technological innovation of the Argentine does to others. According to the press, at the request of Lionel phone case was covered with 24-Karat gold (the purest gold, 999 corresponding to the sample), which increased the cost significantly – up to 7 thousand euros.

Interestingly, as in the case with ramp, Lionel decided to apply to the case of a personal phone names of all members of his family – wife Antonella and three sons, Tiago, MATEO and chiro.

However, despite the luxurious way of life, Lionel Messi does not remain aloof from the problems of others. In particular, in a situation with the spread of the planet of coronavirus, the Argentinian has decided to allocate 1 million euros, which was transferred to the accounts of the hospital Clinic of public clinic, located in Barcelona, which also heals the infected, and conducts research to find a vaccine Covid-19. Also, there is evidence that Lionel helped several medical institutions of Argentina, but in this case, media does not have any specifics about what the amounts involved, as the leader of “Barcelona” does not seek to advertise their charitable activities.


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